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completely satisfactory

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ALEXANDRA: Both of those solutions would be copasetic.
Even the companies that make their living selling the more complex nutrient casseroles suggest using DAP to get juice up to the minimum nitrogen threshold, and then add a bit of the combination product to make the whole fermentation scene more copasetic.
Only one candidate this election cycle tapped into Long Tail politics, campaigning on ideas copasetic to the Internet generation while leveraging the traditional American values of decentralization and choice.
At One point--back in the early going, when I couldn't wait to wrap my eyes around the show--we seemed so copasetic.
Provided everything is really copasetic, you get to enjoy it while maintaining total journalistic impartiality as to brand and type of equipment.
However, if the captive is several years old and the risk manager has not undertaken at least one utilization review for the benefit of senior management, the CFO might decide to engage a consultant to make sure things are copasetic.
The first is the "Color-Blind Copasetic," who argues for a post-race political utopia.
secular and religious ideologies are often quite copasetic.
arrogant and statesmanly in his copasetic pose-jazzman