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a partnership in which employees get a share of the profits in addition to their wages

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Instead of the copartnership Lady Victoria sought, the King grants women the right to be mistresses "in their own houses and families," choose their own clothes, and "go abroad when they will" (116-17).
Last fall, after fifteen years of copartnership, the two split.
To the contrary, as Whayne suggests, regardless of their relative standing before law, "tenants and sharecroppers saw themselves as independent farmers in copartnership with planters"(199), and rejected their treatment as disposable wage hands to be evicted at the landlord's command.
In trying to protect the personal assets of the stockholders the "articles of copartnership .
The shareholder metaphor implies a participative and communal form of wealth creation that involves copartnership, coinvestment, common interest, cooperation, and sharing among citizens as coowners.
Because our small school has adopted a parent-teacher copartnership, our committee meetings are attended by a coalition of parents.
The revolutionary fervor that led to the collapse of Czarist rule in Russia was spreading across Europe, and political leaders sought to quell that force in Germany with further advances in worker copartnership.
The day before, we had walked into a shop, over against an inn where we stopped, the puny beginning of trade, which would grow at last into a firm copartnership in the future town or city,--indeed, it was already "Somebody & Co.
In many of the States there has been special legislation, giving married women the right to property inherited or received by bequest, or earned by the pursuit of any avocation outside the home; also giving them the right to sue and be sued in matters pertaining to such separate property; but not a single State of this Union has ever secured the wife in the enjoyment of her right to equal ownership of the joint earnings of the marriage copartnership.