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Copal Amba was formed through Moody's acquisitions of Copal Partners in 2011 and Amba Investment Services in 2013.
El termino mam q'al b'ech que significa <<aquel que ofrece flores>> y por extension, que ofrece copal, es utilizado localmente ademas como sinonimo de ajkab'.
Copal viene del nahuatl "copalli" o incienso, dado que se utilizaba como tal y en medicina desde antes de la Conquita.
This raises significant doubts about claims of DNA extraction from fossil insects in amber, many millions of years older than copal.
Profesor, Universidad de Guanajuato, Ex Hacienda EI Copal km 5 Carretera Irapuato-Silao.
GE Capital, and Goldman Sachs, Copal Partners provides financial research outsourcing and consulting services through client-specific proprietary products.
The congealed sap was not burned for incense as copal was, nor was it batted around a Maya ball court like rubber, but chicle did produce value beyond the pure addictive pleasure of moving one's mouth.
El copal, resina olorosa que segun los mitos deleitaba a Quetzalcoatl, acompanaba al cuchillo porque se creia que el aroma de la sangre del sacrificado mezclado con el olor del copal llegaba a los dioses.
Outside a troupe of feathered 'Aztec' dancers swirl and twirl into a trance as copal resin emits pungent smoke from small coal fires.
Specific topics include Honduran figurines and whistles in social context, style as cultural imperative in early Olmec figurines from two regions, new fire figurines and the iconography of penitence in Huastec art, the weeping baby and the Nahual corn spirit in Mexico's Huasteca Veracruzana, and a comparison of Aztec ceramic figurines with copal figurines from the Templo Mayor.
This natural material is closely related to Kauri Copal (used for Kb-value determination) and was used in all initial solubility experiments.
Nombres comunes registrados: chacaj (en Guatemala); copal, copal blanco, copal negro, copal prieto, palo de copal (en Mexico).
copal < copalli: resina de arbol que se usa como incienso.
Amber, a fossilized resin imported into North Africa from the Baltic and beyond, was often strung with beads made of copal, a semi-fossilized resin found in West Africa.
Similar to the more familiar practice called "smudging" of the Native Americans of NorthAmerica, for some complaints a curandero may give a person in need a limpia with a tree resin incense called copal (pictured above).