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12) Ici, au port, comme de nombreux pachydermes en repos, des rangees et des rangees de sacs de mais, d'arachides, de copal, de caoutchouc, de sorgho, de millet, de riz, d'amandes palmistes surtout, venus de l'interieur de l'Afrique, le tout couvert de larges baches impermeables, attendait le depart pour l'Europe, pays de l'homme blanc, ce pays de reve pour l'Africain et d'ou nous viennent tant de si belles et bonnes choses; tout contre ces produits s'alignaient de nombreuses caisses de toutes dimensions, egalement bachees, attendant leur depart pour le Haut-Congo, le couur de cette "terre incognita", pays des troglodytes, qui aujourd'hui, grace au Grand Monarque Belge, Leopold II, aiguillonnait la convoitise du monde europeen interesse.
Near the Panabaj mudslide, Francisco Coquiz Xicay burned copal and lit candles before statues of three Catholic saints who locally represent the spirits that hold the mountains together.
On October 1, 2004, Lorenzo Trujillo, a middle-aged teacher, the self-styled "spiritual guide" Emma Ortega, and Emmanuel D'Herrera, a poet and professor, set up camp at the Wal-Mart site, rolled out their petates (straw mats), lit copal incense to the guardian figure of Coatlicue, a sort of Aztec Shiva, and, in classic lost-cause Mexican struggle posture, declared themselves on hunger strike.
The people traded cotton, copal (tree resin used to make incense) and chicle (gum) with Guatemala.
utilized for forming amber, copal and other oil varnishes.
He remonstrates against her and her companions who have physically aroused him with their song: 'O me,' said I, 'for that divinity which you serve by submitting, I beg you, do not add burning brands and pile copal and pine-pitch torches upon my incredible fire, do not throw more resin on my flammable heart, do not make me burst, I pray you.
Installations: 36 total, including Copal Casting, Birmingham, England; Siobra Arbois, Arbois, France; Brafe Engineering, Woodbridge, England; and Materials Ireland, Dublin, Ireland.
suffrusticosa mixed with liquid copal produced abortive effect when administered to pregnant women (Harborne and Baxter, 1993).
The new company will be owned 30% each by Nidec and Nidec Copal Corp.
A smoldering pot of copal often fills the house with its fragrant aroma.
The marigold is particularly pungent in aroma, as is the copal incense that is burned on the ofrenda and in the cemetery.
While discussing the copal wood and its special properties, he refines the shapes for the body, head and feet of an armadillo, then nails and glues the different parts together.
Meanwhile, the Argentinian Supermarkets Chamber and Copal, the trade body for food manufacturers, are putting the finishing touches to the code of practice.
Joseph, throngs of devotees carry flowers and copal incense like ancient Aztec celebrants.