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an oleoresin used in varnishes and ointments

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Phytochemical and antioedematogenic studies of commercial copaiba oils available in Brazil.
and body lotion, Cumaru and Copaiba home fragrances; Natura Crianca
This new collection, available at select Whole Foods, features Skin, a head-to-toe moisturizer infused with pure Meyer lemon essential oil; Chill Out, a naturally calming moisture stick featuring Bulgarian lavender essential oil; Stuffed Up, an antidote to stuffy noses with Australian eucalyptus, camphor and peppermint; and Boo Boos and Bites, made to soothe maladies with Polynesian ylang ylng, andiroba, copaiba and tea tree oil.
Br ex Don Velvet-leaved combretum 113612 Daniellia oliveri Hutch West African copal, et Dalz African copaiba, balsam tree, nigercopal, maaje 115451 Eleusine indica L.
The natural ingredients within the Slim-Tech leggings include Copaiba, for toning and moisturizing of the skin, Red Algae, which stimulates fat combustion and Sophora Japonica which smoothes the skin.
Although you'll find everything from hair care to sun care at this natural products company, we like the Rainforest Collection (try the Foaming Cream Cleanser), with its exhilarating tropical ingredients like copaiba, derived from the ocotea tree.
Similar decrease in membrane potentials was also observed in L amazonensis amastigotes treated with copaiba oil (Santos et al.
But prior to the days of copaiba being available, peppermint was always the only oil that anybody would grab to help relieve inflammation.
Beraca works directly with communities from the rainforest (and other ecological zones within Brazil) to source raw ingredients including acai, andiroba, annato, Brazil nut, buriti, copaiba, passion fruit, cupuacu, murumuru and Amazonian white clay.
Beauty Ingredients: Rain forest acai oil, rain forest annato oil, rain forest Brazil nut oil, rain forest buriti oil, rain forest passion fruit oil, rain forest cupuacu butter, rain forest murumuru butter, rain forest copaiba oil, rain forest andiroba oil
COPAIBA OIL ( Trees up to 30ft high which accumulate oil in their trunks, which is tapped by drilling holes.
The urine of patients taking certain vegetable substances, such as copaiba or cubebs, becomes cloudy with nitric acid, but unlike albumin the cloudiness does not subside.
Copaiba, Copaiba Obtained by boring holes into heartwood, it