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completely satisfactory

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Indeed, in the present environment, PR people and newsmen both need friends, which is downright copacetic, provided that it also works for the readers.
In-Yer-Face and Trainspotting were aesthetically and philosophically copacetic.
Eileen turns out to have the most hidebound attitudes, passed on to Lacey in the form of guilty secrecy; the cardboard Conner and his wisecracking parents are models of copacetic colorblindness.
Preparing for the glut of application updates is another way to become copacetic with operating system upgrades.
Democrats, once they are up and running, may well have things to say, but for now everything is copacetic.
Despite its bleak title, his latest album, Hell, NYC, 3:00 AM speaks to a more copacetic co-existence of man and machine.
But that isn't stopping the US military from selling $640 million worth of American-made cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia, despite the near-universal revulsion at such weapons, and despite the fact that relations between the two countries haven't been entirely copacetic of late.
We had a safety meeting, we made sure everything was copacetic.
No poem draws upon the complex musical substructure of Komunyakaa's work in more provocative ways than the largely unremarked upon, ironically titled "Safe Subjects," which made its way from his (at least in retrospect, hilariously titled) 1980 MFA thesis, "Premonitions of the Breadline," to its first publication in his 1984 book, Copacetic.
Cook's current trip may be to maintain a copacetic relationship with China as Apple rolls out more retail locations and products.
On the domestic front, however, things won't be nearly as copacetic.
The natural world, such as the eco-system of a forest, is a brilliant example of how individuals (such as the various trees, shrubs, grasses, fungi) can build a copacetic existence if the intention for that is present.
But with Israeli-Turkish relations maybe on the (slow) mend and both the Israelis and the Palestinians making refreshingly positive noises about the prospects for moving from proximity talks to direct peace negotiations, whatever topics Netanyahu and Obama needed to discuss, in "robust" fashion, in privatesettlements, Iran, nuclear non-proliferation, the World Cupwere evidently overshadowed by the importance, for both, of giving off the impression of being copacetic.
Then you have to go through the department of licensing to make sure everything is copacetic.