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completely satisfactory

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Things are copacetic with the council, we all get along really well," he said.
Then you have to go through the department of licensing to make sure everything is copacetic.
If the band found brown M&Ms, they knew that the promoter had not taken the band's safety considerations in hand, and the band would either have to cancel the show or perform their own check on the stage setup to ensure that everything was copacetic.
People got a little touchy about their travel after 9-11, but now everything is copacetic.
This account shows that beneath the positive reports to the public from senior Marine officers, all was not copacetic.
Although, we have the service people come to us about every three months to put in new gaskets and to take a quick look to make sure everything is copacetic.
It's got some low keyboard gut rumbling, and the upbeat but somehow down tunes will leave you copacetic as fuck.
Things right now are not copacetic at the Providence Journal," says G.
And yet the Big Six report continued to maintain that all was copacetic.
I get glimpses of the sophisticated system of numerical tracking that defines nearly every step of their process, from knowing which neighborhoods are more copacetic to knowing which volunteers are the best phone workers.
Maybe it's just the nature of the individuals on the coaching staff and the roster, but everybody's been copacetic when somebody should be jumping up on a table.
HOME PAGE, by Doug Block (A Copacetic Pictures production in association with HBO and ZDF-Arte) -- The Internet is the subject matter of this film, but more significantly, Doug Block has used his Web site to create an interactive relationship with the film.
And like that latter Fuqua feature, the show itself does some interesting but not necessarily copacetic messin' with the legend.