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There are no cop-outs in Ian Rankin's Fleshmarket Close (Orion, pounds 6.
Far from being couch potato cop-outs, the exercises are useful for busy people interested in little ways to keep their muscles moving as well.
Proposing alternatives, seeing the grey in between the black and white, thinking outside of the binary are traitorous cop-outs that those in the right must prove wrong, without even considering the possible wisdom in such positions.
We were the victim of BBC One's success and local audiences then don't care much for cop-outs.
Now comes "Growing Together," a powerful analysis by a socially attuned, mulitracial Los Angeles-based academic team that argues both attitudes are dangerous cop-outs.
Having argued the only syndrome defense - urban psychosis - not maligned in Professor Alan Dershowitz's book is both a blessing and a slight, but it leaves this writer uniquely qualified to review The Abuse Excuse: And Other Cop-outs, Sob Stories, and Evasions of Responsibility.
Childless women view mums as neurotic cop-outs and don't understand why they can't go out on a whim.
Cop-outs revealed by TV licensing bosses included a mum who said: "My 11-yearold son must've bought the TV during the night.
This is one of the favorite cop-outs of bishops and conservative laity: Blame God.
Client defections are accelerating at Andersen and experts say more cop-outs are likely.
Each team had the same rule: no sacred cows, no taboos, no constraints and no cultural cop-outs -- Japanese, European or North American.
They're responsibility cop-outs, employed to keep the heat off the manager, which pack a killer side-effect.
A ALWAYS go for the manufacturer's warranty, as some independents can include weasel cop-outs.
It would end the current cop-outs, where council leaders take the responsibility money but refuse to carry the can.
There are other cop-outs and I'm sorry to keep on about the new line-out laws as being one of them.