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Since September 11, the cop-outs have continued to proliferate.
There are no cop-outs in Ian Rankin's Fleshmarket Close (Orion, pounds 6.
Words like 'variable', 'human factor', 'indeterminate inputs' are great cop-outs.
It's time to apply the same rules from top to bottom: No bailouts, no handouts, and no cop-outs.
PM, Birchgrove LINDA SAYS: Working full-time, and, therefore, being unable to partake in any "domestic stuff" sounds like the mother of cop-outs to me.
I'm a socialist but feel blaming disgustingly rich footballers for all of society's ills has become the easiest of cop-outs.
BBC2's Horizon programme alone brought us half a dozen cop-outs including the "survival of the fattest" notion that claims it is all down to evolution because in times of famine in prehistory only the lardy would have lived through the shortages.
There are no weasel words, no list of excluded parts, no cop-outs, and loads of features other warranty providers haven't even dreamed of.
Far from being couch potato cop-outs, the exercises are useful for busy people interested in little ways to keep their muscles moving as well.
Proposing alternatives, seeing the grey in between the black and white, thinking outside of the binary are traitorous cop-outs that those in the right must prove wrong, without even considering the possible wisdom in such positions.
We were the victim of BBC One's success and local audiences then don't care much for cop-outs.
Result is an evenhanded movie that is free of both traditional Hollywood cop-outs and antiwar preachiness.