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Synonyms for cop

to take (another's property) without permission

to obtain possession or control of

cop out: to abandon a former position or commitment


Synonyms for cop

uncomplimentary terms for a policeman

take by theft

take into custody

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As with any other serious crime, law enforcement agencies must thoroughly investigate incidents suspected of meeting the criteria for a suicide by cop or attempted suicide by cop.
The NUWC Concept of Operations defines CoPs this way: "CoPs are a network of people engaged in a particular profession, occupation or job function, who actively seek to work more effectively, to share knowledge and information relevant to their community and to understand their work more fully.
the truth that Jennifer saw, that the postmodern delivers, and that Colonel Tom's remarkable daughter packaged for a lady cop she'd seen sweat and fight her way through withdrawal.
In the premiere of Brooklyn South, the suspect actually dies while in custody, and in short order, his heartbroken but obedient mother comes in, begging to see her son one last time and agreeing to help the cops however she can.
In fact the cops who do confront the gang members on the roof are immediately unable to decipher even the physical scene, see only blackness and two "tarbabies," and the sergeant even reads the scene as a "voodoo" rite in a way that specifically emphasizes an intensely mystified othering of the African American subject.
In Cop Sculpture, Byfield and Tobier made that moment elegantly manifest.
This includes the cop tax payment made in April, he said.
And in a city with a Police Department as woefully short-handed as the LAPD, does it make sense to spend a half-million dollars buying 10,000 new flashlights, rather than hiring five new cops or providing better training so officers do a better job of dealing with difficult situations?
Then the cops shamble off to their squad cars muttering to each other about the animals they must spend their days and nights uselessly herding about and lecturing.
Paradoxically, these populist shows are more apt to present policemen as real villains than the more cerebral cop shows.
The IT CoP is being developed by cultivating interaction within sub-communities.
These agencies are seeing tremendous benefits in the ability to access motor vehicle, warrant, summons or warning information from other Info-Cop subscribers regardless of the wireless network deployed within those agencies," said Rich Picolli, founder and CEO of Info- Cop.
A beat cop meets with broken children who don't need policy set in the future--they need their little bones set now.
But at 100 miles an hour, statistics don't make much of an impression on the average American cop.
The content that was scattered throughout the former PM CoP has been reorganized under a refreshed scheme that reflects the way the content is presented in the Program Manager's Acquisition Management Courses.