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large river turtle of the southern United States and northern Mexico

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And, according to Mr Cooter, Irish 'blacklegging' in the local coal industry, for which local workers were more plentiful, was rare as it was opposed by the Irish themselves here.
Food habits and selective foraging by the Texas river cooter (Pseudemys texana) in Spring Lake, Hays County, Texas.
138) See Cooter & Rubin, supra note 108, at 71- 72 (viewing loss allocation through an economic lens, the loss spreading principle, loss reduction principle, and loss imposition principle all tend to favor allocating the loss to the financial institution, because the institution has greater economic resources to more easily absorb the loss by spreading the costs to its entire consumer base).
Cooter and Siegel frame their "theory of collective action federalism" as explicitly singular and unitary.
4) Cooter and Ulen (1997: 89) argue that "the normative Coase theorem" consists of the claim that law should be structured to minimize the impediments to bargaining.
The female Texas cooter arrived at the zoo on June 18 and will go on display today at the attraction's Friedrich Aquarium.
In this respect, Greve's theory is similar to another influential recent work advocating an interpretation of constitutional federalism based on modern economic theory: Robert Cooter and Neil Siegel's "collective action federalism.
Recently, however, a group of influential constitutional scholars such as Jack Balkin, Robert Cooter, Andrew Koppelman, Neil Siegel and others have called for doing away with this traditional principle and replacing it with the principle declared in Resolution VI of the Virginia Plan.
Craft beer is what's selling fastest right now, imports not as much anymore," observes Larry Berestitzky, owner of one-location Cooter Brown's Tavern, Grill & Oyster Bar in New Orleans, which specializes in seafood and po' boy sandwiches.
Grandparents of the bride are Frances Cooper of Cooter, Missouri, and the late Paul Cooper; Joyce Harig of Paragould, Arkansas, and the late Bob Harig; and the late Pat Watson.
Max Cooter, Director at Cloud Pro, discussed the negative press coverage that cloud has received after the recent high-profile outages.
and refers to the argument Robert Cooter and I have made on this matter.
Roger Cooter has argued that bioethics appeared to allow doctors to maintain control over the provision of health care; rather than a progressive movement aligned with civil rights and feminism, it was a reaction to the anxiety these movements generated in physicians.
9) That is to say, according to Cooter, people only have so-called intrinsic moral beliefs when extrinsic factors motivate them to do so.
These included four bearded dragons, four corn snakes, three yellowbellied turtles, two river cooter turtles, a softshelled turtle and a green iguana.