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someone whose task is to see that work goes harmoniously

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Of the 32 running back coaches, 28 were African-American: Just one current offensive coordinator coached running backs immediately prior to taking on his coordinator role.
A parenting coordinator shall regularly participate in educational activities promoting professional growth.
This site is for organ procurement coordinators as well as clinical transplant coordinators, clinical transplant nurses, transplant preservationists, transplant surgeons and any healthcare professional involved in the transplant community.
A coordinator in charge of a small program, for example, might go out on a recycling truck for collection or operate a forklift in the processing facility.
Kefaya members are scheduled to elect a new coordinator by Jan.
Erin Sologaistoa has been the Coordinator for the Southeast Region, based at the Florida Association of Community Health Centers (FACHC), since 2004.
She serves as a liaison and coordinator to the 20 participating Leagues.
We wanted to show our appreciation for the hard work and efforts of our customer recycling coordinators who go above and beyond to generate awareness about the importance of recycling," Michael Sullivan, general manager of Abitibi-Consolidated Recycling division, said at the awards ceremony.
Contact Name/Title: Michael Wetzstein, Graduate Coordinator
AMERICAN FORESTS salutes Bob Zahner, who recently retired as our Arizona state Big Tree Coordinator.
The man Schrieber was describing is Michigan Department Service Officer and Hospital Service Coordinator Joseph D.
Hall previously served as area coordinator for the organization's southwest district.
under Coach Marshall Jones and five years at Whittier College working with defensive coordinator Steve Garcia, I felt that it was time for me to embark on a new challenge.
Trauger introduced Taylor to Nicholas Monatesti, a former airman who now serves as the family readiness coordinator for the 111th Air Wing.
The admissions coordinator must facilitate among the differing opinions and help the family reach a mutual agreement on behalf of the client.
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