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serving to connect two grammatical constituents of identical construction


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We suggest that, given that the pictorial and linguistic elements only constitute a defence in combination with each other, the leaflets represent visual examples of coordinatively compound argumentation.
However, the Barnes-Holmes, Hayes, Dymond, & O'Hora (2001) account is more readily interpreted to involve a process in which verbally transformed stimuli are not just defused but also reframed as occurring there and then, as opposed to being framed coordinatively to I, here, and now.
Electrophilic oxygen transfer from anionic, coordinatively saturated molybdenum peroxo complexes // J.
Acid-base equilibria @ neutral or slightly acidic pH's indicate that the amino nitrogen in poly(L-lysine)hydrobromide is coordinatively saturated and d isplacement of the proton in the -[([CH.
Lancry writes short passages; the different (often incomplete) fragments are juxtaposed rather arbitrarily, and language is used coordinatively, and in series of nouns and adjectives, so as to immerse the reader.
Coordinatively unsaturated metal centers, which are electron-rich, mimic reactive metal surfaces and accordingly nucleophilic behaviour of such species frequently provides a pathway for molecular activation.
We explore the redox chemistry and catalytic activity of the presented coordinatively unsaturated sites to develop novel single-site heterogenous catalysts and potentially biomimetic systems.
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