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serving to connect two grammatical constituents of identical construction


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As for the coordinative aspect of the story, it is natural enough to say that Crusoe's discovery is coordinative, for a mind imagined to behold the potentialities would smile on Crusoe's advancement.
The findings revealed that there is no significant relationship between good readers' level of reading comprehension and subordinating and coordinative conjunctions.
In the first coordinative meeting of its kind, the Syrian National Council (SNC) met leadership of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), according to an SNC statement released Thursday, reported the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT Friday.
Amir Nawaz while highlighting the aims of the holding of the exhibition said that this is the 2nd exhibition and the basic objective behind such exhibitions was to bring academia, researchers, industries and public-private sector organisations to a single platform in order to integrate disaster preparedness and management activities and evolve an effective strategy with coordinative efforts to minimise the losses to a possible extent.
Moreover, the GCC Labor Ministers Council will hold a coordinative meeting that will discuss the session agenda.
Bilal's remarks came during the coordinative meeting of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) board of directors in Syria, chaired by Qatari Ambassador and permanent delegate to the United Nations Dr.
DURING the last month, the Volunteerism Coordinative Council has set up a centre for social help in each district to offer help to individuals and families which include tutoring for free and offering psychological help.
Saban Ipce, representative of the coordinative Diaspora council, stated that all preparations for the first rally for local elections have been carried out in Zurich and there will be few other rallies in Bazel and Grehen -- Santon, Solloturn.
High level officials and representatives of ESCWA member countries will participate in the launch of the cyber legislation directives and talk about the importance of coordinative cyber legislation in the Arab region.
Salem said that the higher coordinative mechanism for the national dialogue (7+7 committee) has welcomed visit of any diplomat accredited to Khartoum to be informed on progress of the national dialogue.
The Arab and Gulf parliamentary groups will hold coordinative meetings on the sidelines of the PUIC session.
The President of the Bahrain Triathlon Association held a coordinative meeting on the side-lines of the inspection visit with several officials of the BIC during which he identified important relevant matters of mutual interest between the BIC and the Organizing Committee.
The Limassol Bishopric's Stavros Olympios, who runs the Church's soup kitchen as well as the pancyprian volunteerism coordinative council, also reported an increased willingness to help at this time of year.
Ahmeti's party says that the opposition's accusations are invalid because the coordinative council for the celebration, and not the Ministry of Culture, is to finance the activities for the anniversary of the Albanian flag.
Zakaria Mohamed Suleiman reviewed the functions of the branch, its plan and the its supervision scope as well as the level of its coordination with the relevant bodies namely; Sea Ports Corporation, customs , passports , Expatriates , Security Service, police, health and agricultural quarantine, exports and imports chamber, Employers Union who constitute a coordinative council called the Consultative Council for streamlining exports and imports via ports of Port Sudan.
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