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Antonyms for coordination

the skillful and effective interaction of movements

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the regulation of diverse elements into an integrated and harmonious operation

the grammatical relation of two constituents having the same grammatical form

being of coordinate importance, rank, or degree

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Market: Without cooperation, use market pricing for the coordination.
Eaton s Selective Coordination Designer tool helps customers easily and quickly define a list of selective coordination solutions for each overcurrent protective device in their system.
According to the press release, MQM leader Kaiful Wara, Abdul Haseeb and Arif Khan advocate will look into party matters till the new coordination committee was formed.
Altaf Hussain has asked senior workers belonging to zones and sectors, who consider themselves eligible for discharging responsibilities of the Coordination Committee, to submit their mobile numbers and home telephone numbers at Nine Zero.
a revolutionary communication and care coordination network for the senior care industry, announced today the launch of the Chronic Care Management Solution, one of the first solutions designed to connect the fragmented aspects of chronic care coordination and the new Medicare Chronic Care Management reimbursements as set forth by the Affordable Care Act.
Care Coordination Software refers to IT applications that are specifically designed to enable team-based patient care, particularly for at-risk patients with chronic conditions and for patients transitioning between care settings (e.
Meshl also slammed security coordination between the Palestinian Authority and Israel as a "disaster," a week after Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas pledged to maintain such coordination.
The minister said "We believe that strengthening of health system needs a strong coordination between federal level and provincial level as well as among all provinces.
DOHA, Sept 28 (KUNA) -- A UN training course which concluded on Saturday discussed civil and military coordination in the field of humanitarian work in natural hazard areas or conflict zones.
Coordination is a central purpose of organizations (Okhuysen, Bechky 2009) and has been regarded as a critical factor for construction projects (Jha, Iyer 2006; Yang et al.
The coordination layer intercepts messages among actors and applies coordination constraints on the messages.
The newly developed technology simultaneously achieves dynamic allocation of the processing performance, required for device coordination, and protection of pre-installed, basic-function software.
Coordination of care factors critically in patient safety and care quality across services and settings (Institute of Medicine 2001).
The $50 million facility--all of which was funded by the federal government--serves as the central point of coordination for major emergencies and special events, as well as the day-to-day workspace for OEM planning and response personnel.
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