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Antonyms for coordination

the skillful and effective interaction of movements

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the regulation of diverse elements into an integrated and harmonious operation

the grammatical relation of two constituents having the same grammatical form

being of coordinate importance, rank, or degree

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The meeting would be addressed by the MQM Convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and other members of the coordination committee.
An inquiry will be initiated to determine the circumstances of the maritime collision, to know the fate of the missing persons and to identify the bodies, in coordination with the official administrative and medical parties, said the same source, which announced the creation of a committee to collect and verify information from different sources.
Dans un communique rendu public mercredi et dont l'agence TAP a recu une copie, la coordination a, a ce propos, signale que le retard du paiement depasse dans certains cas les 4 mois en plus de l'accumulation des dettes contractees par la CNAM.
The CPC has been set up headed by the Deputy Secretary (General), Services, General Administration and Coordination Department and with the Section Officer (Pension) , Services, General Administration and Coordination Department, it is notified by the Sindh, Services, General Administration and Coordination Department in a statement on Monday.
It's a bit misleading to talk about parenting coordination in the context of obtaining evidence in high-conflict parenting disputes.
The decision was taken at a meeting of the Coordination Committee of the party here on Saturday.
While care coordination and transition management (CCTM) have been a part of nursing care for decades, the value of CCTM in improving quality, reducing health care costs, and increasing access to care has become recognized by national professional organizations and leaders in the industry.
Care coordination and transition management roles are needed to support achievement of the Triple Aim: improving quality of care to individuals, improving the health of communities, and simultaneously reducing costs.
Altaf Hussain has asked senior workers belonging to zones and sectors, who consider themselves eligible for discharging responsibilities of the Coordination Committee, to submit their mobile numbers and home telephone numbers at Nine Zero.
Pursuing Horizontal Management: The Politics of Public Sector Coordination
Lloyd Austin, the Central Command of the US Army and his accompanying delegation, coordination between the Peshmerga forces and coalition forces in battles against Daash.
Care Coordination is being recognized by healthcare leaders and economists as a way to address some of our major healthcare challenges: high cost, uneven quality, and patient outcomes that are far from ideal.
Summary: Hamas chief Khaled Meshl says Palestinian Authority should abandon security coordination with Israel.
Majuntke constructs a coordination framework to prevent the effects of one application in a pervasive system from inhibiting the function of another application.
Islamabad -- The Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) is committed to strengthen the coordination system for research and development of horticultural and other field crops at national level.
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