coordinating conjunction

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the coordination by conjunction of linguistic units of the same status

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a conjunction (like 'and' or 'or') that connects two identically constructed grammatical constituents

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Still separate in the 17th century, the combination of these two items, the negation word and the adverb, is already functioning as a coordinating conjunction.
compound sentence = independent clause + comma + coordinating conjunction + independent clause
The significant feature is that Wilde has achieved this effect with the coordinating conjunction and in its chronological semanticity.
The languages in this family from which we have documentation of connected speech all contain coordinating conjunctions.
Of course, many people favor these commas, and as Bayparktar, Say, and Akman (1998) write, "independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction, such as and, or, but, etc.
Sometimes, the coordinating conjunction is implied, such as in a bulleted list or among the elements in a table.
In the BTB encoding the first coordinated word is annotated as the head of the coordinating conjunction (or punctuation) and as the head of the second coordinated word.
The Arabic coordinating conjunction wa `and', for instance, has been borrowed into several Turkic languages such as Azari where the form is va.
Add a comma before the coordinating conjunction that joins two independent clauses.
compound sentence--a sentence that contains two or more simple sentences joined by a coordinating conjunction, semicolon, or colon
coordinating conjunction + subject + verb = complete sentence And + the pork + was (a bit tough) = complete sentence
We place a comma before the coordinating conjunction when joining two independent clauses.
Add a comma and a coordinating conjunction to separate two independent clauses.
Chapter 3: Coordinating Conjunctions, gapping, and asyndeton
The games allowed students with a preference for sound and rhythmic patterns and manual dexterity to engage with language features like coordinating conjunctions, nouns, adjectives and pronouns.
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