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How can a work have the quality of a "fete that all share in common without being by that very fact also either coopted or cooptative, a celebration of the mass or a celebration of Mass?
In the clash between modernity and its humanistic opponents, he clearly has something else in mind that might reduce this cooptative potential.
She then argues that the proliferation of social movements in Western democracies since the 1960s and established elites' cooptative responses have made these democracies more dynamic, more flexible, more egalitarian--seemingly contradicting her "warning" that democracy is less secure today.
2 Rorty usually uses the term "redescription," which carries different, less cooptative, connotations; but I remind readers here of the Bloomian reference not only because of its wider usage among literary scholars, but because Rorty's "conversation" is more intellectually aggressive than Zavarzadeh suggests and because the Bloomian phrase (in my view) more aptly characterizes Zavarzadeh's essay.
Though Emerson shares with the other major writers a sense of his own special access to higher Truth, his simultaneous commitment to the notion of the "infinitude of [every] private man" leads, as Railton demonstrates, to a remarkably non-confrontational, though subtly cooptative, rhetorical style.
For instance, asking a group to define a problem is less cooptative than coming up with both problems and solutions.
The high court judges have mostly been unwavering Kemalists through the unique role of the president, as opposed to the government, in enacting appointments to these positions, in conjunction with a cooptative system among the high courts in suggesting nominations for the posts.