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an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest

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In response to the popularity and growth of the spring event, The Cooperator and its parent company, Yale Robbins Publications, announced a second opportunity for both attendees and exhibitors to make connections, gain insights, get advice, and network with peers.
All earnings will remain with the cooperator so they can shoulder the cost of the next planting season, he says.
According to the Law and the Regulation, a gaming promoter or a VIP-room contractor must be licensed before beginning business (Article 23(1)) while a cooperator or customer representative is not required to apply for a license.
They said Habibion and Motamedian told the cooperator to lie about Iran being the ultimate destination for the goods and counseled him to tell US law enforcement agents the goods remained in Dubai.
sign up" a cooperator who has information about insider
Deferred Prosecution Agreements - Formal written agreements in which the Commission agrees to forego an enforcement action against a cooperator if the individual or company agrees, among other things, to cooperate fully and truthfully and to comply with express prohibitions and undertakings during a period of deferred prosecution.
The prosecutor and case officer must be mindful of the loyalties of the cooperator and his/her motivation for cooperation.
The Honored Cooperator Award gives national recognition to outstanding individuals, including public figures, co-op employees and volunteers, who have worked to develop, advance and protect cooperatives.
Colorado belongs to the cooperator called Western United States Agricultural Trade Association, which splits an annual $6.
On the other hand, the multiperson Prisoners' Dilemma game can be characterized by two payoff functions that specify the reward/ penalty for a cooperator and a defector, respectively, as functions of the ratio of cooperators to the total number of participants.
The main drawback of the coop is that each cooperator is liable for all of the mortgage.
We will not allow this because BDI is not a party of spies but a party of NLA fighters," a close cooperator to Lika told Lajm.
Alan Kahn, a cooperator who led the pro-privatization committee, declined to comment on the decision beyond saying, "At this point, we're very disappointed.
The 2005 Wildlife Stewardship Industry Cooperator Award was awarded to the Avian Research and Conservation Institute (ARCI) for its contribution to the Swallow-tailed Kite Project and to the late Richard W.