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the trait of being cooperative

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The key differentiating feature suggested by our data was the level of cooperativeness in the buying firm's response behavior:
The TCI is a 240-question test that measures a person's self-assessment of seven personality traits, including persistence and cooperativeness.
Moving from a culture of individual vigilance to a culture of cooperativeness by building better delivery systems.
These dimensions are the degree of concern for self with noted attention on assertiveness and the degree of concern for others with noted attention on cooperativeness.
Virtues that adhere to persons in joint or communal undertakings are labeled "group instrumental": examples are cooperativeness, "practical wisdom," and "the virtues of leaders and followers" (Pincoffs 86-87).
As this suggests, cooperativeness between agencies and individuals is a defining element of IOM.
The character dimensions quantify the 3 branches of mental self-government: self-directedness (executive functions as being responsible, purposeful and resourceful), cooperativeness (legislative functions, i.
Attorney Bruce Blitman of Broward County Bar describes how these five styles are devised according to scales of assertiveness and cooperativeness.
Survivors of early malnutrition also cited relatively little intellectual curiosity, social warmth, cooperativeness and willingness to try new experiences and to work hard at achieving goals.
The design of our experiment also allows us to comment on the correlation in competitiveness and cooperativeness of individuals.
In a second experiment, the researchers had subjects interact with a robot, Nexi, that was programmed the nonverbal cues of either selfishness or cooperativeness that were observed in the first study.
Proponents of targeting women on the grounds of sustainability cite women's repayment records and cooperativeness.
I think he was certainly universally popular within the league, both because of his demeanor and cooperativeness," Texas League President Tom Kayser said.
Their study used self-report personality measures of work orientation, dominance, dependability, adjustment, cooperativeness, and internal control.
Children participating in all three stages of the study and children participating in the first or in the first and second stages of the study did not differ from one another in terms of activity, cooperativeness, or negative emotionality, or on measures of child-rearing practices or maternal role satisfaction (ps > .
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