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in close cooperation

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Researchers looked at data from 12 studies on 10 species of cooperatively breeding vertebrates in order to analyse the relationship between the number of helpers present and egg size.
Unburdened by conflicts of the past, new challenges can then be addressed cooperatively and comprehensively", she added.
The results of one article suggest playing cooperatively with others can eliminate the negative effects of violent video games on players' aggressive behaviors in the real world.
The trustees hope to expedite restoration efficiently and effectively by working cooperatively with Duke Energy on the NRDAR.
Once the basic business terms of the lease were agreed upon, the parties all worked quickly and cooperatively to close the deal.
The Design for Multimedia in Learning (DML) Model has four distinct stages; of brainstorming cooperative group learning using synchronous media, then lateral-thinking collaborative learning using asynchronous media, followed by hypotheses-testing collaborative asynchronous, and finally sharing experiential-learning cooperatively using synchronous media.
The educational equivalency agreement is one of a series of collaborative efforts between the two leading associations, which have agreed to hold a joint national business valuation conference in Las Vegas in 2005 and to cooperatively explore education, training and technical writing opportunities.
ERSI was reportedly working cooperatively to fix the problem.
At the same time, CPSC is working cooperatively with the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) to attempt to retrieve and preserve the clothing involved in such burn injuries.
Students are encouraged to cooperatively examine Internet sites as a primary source of information, and then share their impressions and opinions of the various sites.
Students work cooperatively as they consider options, prioritize goals and cast votes in a national poll.
Aquino says the first few feedback sessions generated keen interest in cultivating a distinctly regional strategy and developing some sort of leveraging opportunities involving industry, First Nations groups, government ministries and unions who want "to learn how to work cooperatively, not competitively.
This is important in Utah where academic institutions cooperatively purchase and share a core group of online information resources through the Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC).
Here, the assessment may be done by the teacher or cooperatively with learner input.
Children prepare foods cooperatively with their peers.
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