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small tough woody zamia of Florida and West Indies and Cuba

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coontie, poinsettia, tropical sage, bottlebrush, cymbidium orchid, bush daisy, firespike, weeping lantana, and scarlet rose mallow) would be suitable recommendations for planting where eastern lubber grasshopper was a threat.
Bottlebrush Salvia coccinea Tropical sage Euphorbia pulcherrima Poinsettia Zamia integrifolia Coontie Vines, shrubs, and trees Vitis vulpinae Frost grape Prunus carolina Laurel cherry Quercus virginiana Live oak Ostrya virginiana Hophornbeam Carya glabra Pignut hickory Musa sp.
They harvested cabbage palm hearts and coontie (a native cycad) roots, and, where possible on higher ground, they grew corn that they had brought from their homeland.
Some of the species found on Pam's land are extremely rare, such as the Cycadaceae Zamia pumila, a low-growing fern-like coontie plant that serves as food for the Florida atala butterfly caterpillar (Eumaeus atala), which is a candidate for inclusion on the U.
In addition to re-distributing butterfly populations, coontie is being replanted within historically documented areas, and plants are being redistributed from development sites to safe locations.