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a raccoon cap with the tail hanging down the back


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FESS PARKER, who launched a craze for coonskin caps while playing famous American pioneers Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, has died of natural causes.
Interestingly, David Crockett emerges as a serious leader rather than as a backwoodsman in a coonskin cap.
A coonskin cap and a bonnet hang on pegs near the tools.
Something of an intellectual, he campaigned wearing a coonskin cap.
Like many kids growing up in the 50's, Davy Crockett was my first hero, and I had the coonskin cap to prove it.
For the ska-flavored, funny hats number "King for a Day," Armstrong was wearing a coonskin cap and later a silly sock puppet (courtesy of someone in the audience) before segueing into a medley of The Isley Brother's "Shout" the Zombies' "Time of the Season," The Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and the Beatles' "Hey Jude," all for no apparent reason.
Psychologist Ken Dychtwald hosts, alternately declaring that boomers "transform every stage of life through which we pass" and reminiscing about the coonskin cap he owned as a boy.
The coonskin cap and Boone costume aren't the only things Parker has given away recently.
Miami Vice'' (1984-89) didn't exactly provoke laughs, but it probably had the greatest impact on the American male wardrobe since Fess Parker's ``Davy Crockett'' coonskin cap.
PALMDALE - Dressed in buckskin and a coonskin cap, leading a pair of donkeys loaded with a flintlock rifle, a bedroll and his supplies, Three Feathers waved at people in passing cars and yet cursed their innovations, their concrete and their modern lives.
Nick said he owns a coonskin cap in honor of Daniel - although Daniel, who wore his hair long and in a ponytail, is said never to have worn such a hat.
A leader of the anti-cat crusade is John Walmsley, a conservationist who once publicized his cause by wearing a cat skin on his head like a coonskin cap, its small flat face looking out over his forehead.
And drivers with a quick eye may catch Law's schoolhouse image: two Davy Crockett-type explorers, including one in a coonskin cap, who appear to be surfing on a space shuttle - the school logo.
Determined to steal legendary frontiersman Davy Crockett's trademark coonskin cap -- and change their name to Team Crockett -- Team Rocket landed at the Alamo this morning for an unscheduled tour.
Maybe he can visit on Halloween, wearing buckskins and a coonskin cap.