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Synonyms for coon

an eccentric or undignified rustic

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(ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person

North American raccoon

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111th Avenue, realignment of the intersection so 111th Avenue from Coon Rapids and Blaine lines up at University Avenue with a traffic signal.
Japan's Foreign Ministry said Coon visited the site of the former POW camp in Kosaka next to a now defunct copper mine where he was put to forced labor.
Coon and Herrin oversee the thriving business on International Airport Road from side-by-side desks in an aging but tidy office.
former Junction City Mayor Dwight Coon and the city council.
San Diego chancellor Rodrigo Valdivia confirmed to NCR that Coon "did request remission of her censure to Bishop [Robert] Brom" of San Diego.
For what I do, it's the perfect blend of business and politics," Coon says.
That all changed one morning when Hasan called Coon, his voice tense, his message urgent.
Coon told the CBC that the event allowed native people to "think about how we've come a long way.
I could have had glasses in an hour," Coon says, "but I was told to come back the following week for my contacts.
Coon Come saw it as an unambitious re-hash of previous promises.
Minstrelsy, coon songs, and blackface humor," Tosches notes, "were a staple of the recording industry since its birth.
7) In short, Coon argues that the Perth Group set up artificial, phony criteria for "proof' of HIV's isolation that bear no relation to how virology works in the real world.
From the first, Coon insists that hagiography be approached as "sacred fiction": literary inventions for religious purposes, even in the case of historical figures and even when written by someone who knew the holy man or woman personally.
Artist Caroline Coon yesterday accepted a total of pounds 73,000 in libel damages and costs over an allegation in a book that she offered sexual services to rock stars in the 1960s in return for money for her drugs charity.