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Synonyms for coon

an eccentric or undignified rustic

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(ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person

North American raccoon

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Coon Come was critical of the central themes of the speech, the approach fundamentally flawed.
Re-invent your business: Even their strongest critics will admit that Coon and Hendry revolutionised the New Zealand life industry.
Coon is at her best in the first half of the book, particularly in her investigation of gender construction through the significations of hair, cosmetics, clothing, and adornment.
Ms Coon, who represented herself at the hearing, said: "There is no truth in the allegation in question, neither in respect of me, nor in respect of any other young woman who has ever worked for Release, whether as an employee or a volunteer, nor in respect of any rock star.
Christy and Stephen Foster, still much beloved to this day, coon songs were recklessly antisentimental tunes written by emerging and prolific black and Jewish composers such as Earnest Hogan, Irving Berlin, Harry von Tilzer (Harry Gumm) and Monroe Rosenfeld.
Elected as the new grand chief was Ted Moses, the Cree ambassador to the United Nations who is known to share Coon Comes strong views on development issues.
The rate at which sediment is accumulating in Coon Creek and its tributaries decreased from 1.
While Robinson's goal in The Confessions of Stepin Fetchit appears to be restoring the humanity of his characters, Michael Henry Brown's treatment of Lincoln Perry is far less sympathetic in his searing 1994 work King of Coons.
One molder that says it rotomolds with PCR, Coon Manufacturing, uses a different material.
Special Export Light is proud to sponsor the 1991 Coon Creek Canoe race," said Garrett Plepel, G.
The large black letters read, "Championship Coon Hunt to Be Held.
Michael ("Mike") Coon was named President and Chief Operating Officer the Company, succeeding Jim Pierce, who was named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until the time of Mr.
Carrie Coon made history as the first-ever actor to win a single category at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Awards for two separate programs in the same year.
Haylor, Freyer & Coon, headquartered in Syracuse, NY, marks its 85th anniversary as an industry leader in providing clients with state-of-the-art, customized insurance programs and risk management consultation.
Republican Dwight Coon, a parks worker for the city of Eugene and former mayor of Junction City, is challenging incumbent Democrat Val Hoyle, a former outdoors equipment sales manager, in House District 14.