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(ethnic slur) an offensive name for an unskilled Asian laborer

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Gail is also Chair of the annual Cooly Rocks On Festival which takes place in Coolangatta every June - the town's signature event and a key tourism and economic driver for the region.
From there it was all Cambushmore and he raced to a two and a half lengths margin over Cooly Colebe in 28.
Bury did level on 68 minutes when sub Andy Haworth fired home but straight from the re-start Bird supplied Low and he cooly lobbed the Bury keeper from 16 yards.
Kelly fired his first into the bottom corner from a Ben Gordon cut-back and made it two when he cooly slotted home Gordon's pass from inside the box.
The five-time European champions doubled their lead after 40 minutes when Steven Gerrard cooly wrong-footed the Macedonian side's goalkeeper Martin Bogiatinov from the spot after Fernando Lopes hauled down Ngog.
Le Fondre cooly clipped the ball past Jaimez-Ruiz to score neatly in the corner of the net.
Toddla T & Cooly G Cardiff Arts Institute Tickets: pounds 7 Two of the biggest and well respected names in modern, urban dance music.
Clausen took it all in stride, sidestepping the trash-talking rush as cooly as he does in games.
Peter Crouch (ex-Villa) gets snapped up by Liverpool from Southampton, cooly knocks in a hat-trick for England and looks like a key man for the World Cup Finals.
PRETTY Ukrainian Natalie Pryhoda cooly offered our man pounds 6,000 to marry her so she could stay in Britain.
Green light produces more glare and flash effect than red - and thus is much more disorienting - because green light is brighter than red light, explains Captain Bill Cooly of the Air Force's Phillips Laboratory, who conducted some of the tests.
Pamela Reyman, with Stephen Stradley (the title role was also danced by Renee Harris with Justin Gibbs), was more miserable in her humblest station and more cooly regal as the leading lady.
This one found a light, bright second life cloaked in the cooly minimal aesthetic of classic Japan.
In the House chamber, Republicans yelped and hollered, and Democrats applauded cooly.
This year's Silicon Valley Technology Fast 50 program is co-presented by Deloitte & Touche USA LLP and Silicon Valley Bank, Cooly Godward Kronish LLP, Korn/Ferry International and Porsche Motorsports.