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Synonyms for coolness

Synonyms for coolness

Synonyms for coolness

calm and unruffled self-assurance

the property of being moderately cold

fearless self-possession in the face of danger

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Trump is nothing but a strange surrogate for the lack of catchy slogans and German political coolness.
According to Newmark, the Stoics could be considered "cool" in terms of cultivating calm and rationalist behavior, but such an attitude does not offer a clear link with modern ideas of coolness, which are often invested in emotional restraint as protection or as a form of passive resistance.
95, Dotcomgiftshop LOVE really is all you need to bring some retro coolness to your home Union Jack wall sticker, PS18, Not |On The High Street EVERY home should have a retro phone and if you can emblazon it with red, white and blue, then all the better.
Once a device gains coolness in the subculture, the product becomes adopted by the mainstream.
We wanted to tease apart coolness and social desirability," said Dar-Nimrod.
The winner of two gold medals for long-distance running at Munich in 1972, Lasse Viren was rumored--according to McKenzie's press release--to have engaged in "blood freezing" (that is, to have received transfusions using blood that had been frozen and was then returned to the body, to increase red-blood cell levels) and so could be said to embody several notions of coolness.
But he also points to our former coolness toward India, partly because of its ties to Moscow, comparable coolness in India over our support for Pakistan, and India's tendency to closely track policies of developing rather than developed nations.
Yet, the most concerning thing is the coolness of our domestic institutions that are intentionally or accidently not decoding the diplomatic signals that are being sent their way.
The coolness of the night assists with cooling yesterday's collected waste.
To birds, they are everywhere you can see And can't The movement of wind in feeble branches, The groans of the powerful oak, Water; its coolness and movement, its relentless Struggle to reach its destination, Run your fingers over gnarled bark, grass, Dusty, mother earth, Imagery, feelings, something to treasure.
That we are still here after the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 is only because of the sheer coolness of President Kennedy in resisting his own chiefs of staff who wanted to invade the Cuban mainland, a lesson about the nature of war David Cameron really ought to have learnt long ago.
There is a sense of excitement, a sense that the object of coolness is uniquely timely and hip, a sense that this person or thing is excellent on a very subtle level that nonetheless resonates strongly with us.
But in The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture, and Coolness (Simon & Schuster), technology reporter Steven Levy argues that the ability to check out of the public sphere is one of the many virtues of Steve Jobs' minuscule machine.