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a fluid agent (gas or liquid) that produces cooling

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Because of the low thermal conductivity of polymers, the cooling limit is often determined by heat transfer through the polymer itself, rather than the cooling medium, except for very thin shapes.
2]; [theta]s, [theta]0 are temperatures of cooling surface and cooling medium correspondingly, [degrees]C.
Hence, the cooling medium heat transfer coefficient was found to be the controlling resistance.
At the same time, compressed air as a cooling medium was introduced through the PE pipe to quicken its inner wall's cooling rate, so as to slow down the relaxation of the oriented molecule and to reserve the orientation structure.
The principle of using the cooling medium for a retrofit has arisen mainly due the impracticality of modifying the die head structure to house heating pins (to affect the melt), and the use of heaters in the air ring works around several patents which are in place (by Plast Control and others).
Of Trains 2 Feed Stock To be Supplied from South--Pars Gas Field--Phase 12 Main Train Figures Feed Gas 955(Max) MMscf LNG Production 5 MTPA Propane Production 217 KTPA Butane Production 167 KPTA Condensate Production 158 KPTA Plant Main Characteristics Liquefaction technology Linde Mercaptan Removal Gas Phase(Molecular Sieve & Lurgi Purisol) Compressor Driver Electric Motor Sulphur Recovery Lurgi Oel-Gas-Chemie GmbH (Clause Process) Asid Gas Removal BASF (aMDEA) through Luegi Oel-Gas-Chemie GmbH Heating Medium Steam Cooling Medium Hybrid-sea Water & Air Power Generation Combined Cycle Power Plant LNG Tanks Three Full Containment Tanks, each 140,000 m3 LPG Tanks Two Full Containment Tanks, each 30,000 m3 Table 2: PARS LNG Project.
Using water as a cooling medium passing through drilled lines is nearly as common a technique.
Valves prevent product solidification ' and blockages with efficient valve jacketing for use with hot water, steam, or other appropriate heating or cooling medium.
The museum will tap into geothermal wells for its heating and cooling needs, using water from aquifers underneath Brooklyn as an efficient heating and cooling medium.
m] is the cooling medium temperature, t is the product temperature and [t.
are marketing for the first time in Japan refrigerators using hydrocarbons as cooling medium to open the way for a genuine era of doing away with chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
Or, Coleman said, the solution used to chill fully cooked meat or poultry products, typically brine or glycol, can be treated with Cecure to control microorganisms that might be present in the cooling medium.
The R-176 features the company's proprietary spiral channel design, a special, jacketed main barrel that allows a countercurrent flow of heating and/or cooling medium through up to three separate control zones.
From the standpoint of corrosion and deposition control, it would be ideal to have one properly inhibited fluid that could serve as both a heating and cooling medium.