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(ethnic slur) an offensive name for an unskilled Asian laborer

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By the Rig'lations you've got to tuck thim up for the night, or they'll be runnin' foul av my coolies an' makin' a shiverarium half through the counthry.
Destroy, as you have threatened, you United States, the ten million coolies we have forced upon your shores--why, the amount scarcely equals half of our excess birth rate for a year.
The distance was some hundred yards; and then I found my coolies squatting on their heels.
It seems he had detained the coolies as suspicious characters, and had forbidden them the jetty.
The very gang of yellow coolies busy about the main hatch was less substantial than the stuff dreams are made of.
He noticed that when the swaying fan stopped I would call out to the coolie and bid him pull with a long stroke.
All the past corruption and cowardice is hampering us, of course; the West country is pretty stormy and doubtful even in a military sense; and the Irish regiments there, that are supposed to support us by the new treaty, are pretty well in mutiny; for, of course, this infernal coolie capitalism is being pushed in Ireland, too.
When they addressed the latter they used what appeared to be a third language, and which I later learned is a mongrel tongue rather analogous to the Pidgin-English of the Chinese coolie.
Its various parts, however, were set together with the same strange irregularity that marked the architecture of the city as a whole; and it was capped by an enormous saucer-shaped roof which projected far beyond the eaves, having the appearance of a colossal Chinese coolie hat, inverted.
It was a simple war of the castes, Coolie versus Samurai, and the coolie socialists were executed by tens of thousands.
He was only a coolie, and he smuggled himself into the United States twenty years ago.
Tenders are invited for Basket Cane Size: 3, 550 Mm X 275 Mm For Coolies To Is: 3053/77 In All Other Respect-Excepting The Local Methods Of Weaving And No.
Sirajul Haq had lunch with the coolies at the Lahore railway station and also addressed a workers rally at Shere Bengal Colony, Ferozewala.
The kite-flying, the coolies in the railway station and the fishing boats -- you find it hard to believe the country has come a long way without straining its history.
But there is bound to be some disruption, for which you can blame the Tory politician who takes cash from the taxpayer to learn Mandarin but treats his workers like Chinese coolies.