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Synonyms for coolheaded

marked by calm self-control (especially in trying circumstances)

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But Safin said that the coolheaded Swede, winner of eight Grand Slam titles, has a positive influence on his temperamental nature.
It was Gruffudd in the role of coolheaded Harold Lowe, the only officer from the Titanic who returned to the scene of the disaster to look for survivors.
The coolheaded approach served Stephanie and her teammates well.
When his father suddenly passed out behind the wheel Wednesday, coolheaded 8-year-old Kevin Luna reached out and shifted their moving car into park.
As policewoman Joanne lay close to death, coolheaded Isabelle told the operator who she was and where she lived.
HULL KR claimed their first win at Knowsley Road in 24 years when the coolheaded Michael Dobson slotted a late penalty.
If you're not coolheaded, even thinking about gambling elevates stress levels.
O'Connor, who came on after the interval to help settle City's nerves, said: "I've never been a nervous person - I consider myself to be pretty coolheaded.