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a fluid agent (gas or liquid) that produces cooling

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This paper presents the results of the numerical investigation of the thermal and hydro dynamical processes, which take place inside the lower part of the fuel channels during the hydro and thermal interaction between the coolant and fuel bundles.
If the drive belt breaks, there's no water pump, no coolant circulation and your engine will overheat almost immediately.
Wanner says the Hydra-Cell Intelligent Pump succeeds by delivering the right amount of coolant for each tool in the carouse automatically.
By a proper management of the coolant flow rate, an advantageous control of the mid-stroke cylinder liner temperature can be achieved.
The global markets for automotive coolant and lubricant are estimated to grow at a promising rate of 6.
The filters also feature Penra/s Need-Release technology which includes a membrane that senses deterioration in the coolant chemistry, and responds by releasing one of its four charges of additives and fortifiers to restore coolant chemistry.
All TMX holders in this line feature the versatile DIN AD/B coolant system allowing for optional coolant through the spindle and/or the flange.
If the reading is above 60[degrees]C, you need to drain the excess coolant from the system.
Waterless coolant is well established in many countries, although it is relatively new to the UAE, with Evans launching its range a few months ago.
The control logic of the variable-speed clutch operation allows for precise coolant flow rates, thereby reducing power losses that hinder fuel economy.
G3 used a water-based coolant at approximately 11 percent concentration, and it was getting "Monday-morning odor.
A DIVISION of Swansea's Hydratech has become an official partner of the Honda World Motocross Team after developing a revolutionary waterless engine coolant.
In the old days (the '90s and earlier), changing your vehicle's coolant was simple.
The new OSA4 CoolCheck coolant analyzer is an analytical instrument that performs tests on engine coolant.