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jazz that is restrained and fluid and marked by intricate harmonic structures often lagging slightly behind the beat

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Ticket details 024 76 PREPARE for some cool jazz sounds as Jools Holland returns to Coventry on Wednesday with his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.
Gioia names white cornetist Bix Beiderbecke as the founding father of cool Jazz while saxophonist Lester Young is credited with adding the meaning of hipness to cool.
The author identifies stylistic precedents, summarizes the attributes of cool jazz, and discusses the contributions of individual musicians and arrangers.
Playing in styles ranging from back porch blues and reggae, to Texas swing and cool jazz, this Toronto-based duo is pure dynamite.
While his emphasis and expertise lie in what we would now regard as the 'classical' music tradition, Blanning includes passages about Lutheran hymns, national anthems, brass bands and cinema organs, while all five sections end with the modern pop scene, from cool jazz to hot rock and beyond.
Les Is More serves up cool jazz licks in a tribute to Les Paul, and Cliffs Of Rock City gives Joe Satriani a run for his fusion money.
The first one featured Linus reading from St Luke, as well as a cool jazz score.
The Tactical response line includes the TR1 in a flat out cool Jazz finish and partially serrated Tanto blade as well as the limited edition TR1 Damascus and the TR3 in a 3.
Interactive features include a multimedia map of "cities and scenes that made it happen," a cool jazz lounge with a virtual piano, and a Jazz Mix application that lets you create your own jam session.
The cool jazz trio will be entertaining diners at The Lord Mayor of Newcastle's residence on Fernwood Road, Jesmond.
Nancy Harden (center) and "Big John" Benson (right) enjoy steaks hot off the grill and cool jazz at the Third Annual Blue T-shirt and Steak Dinner June 12 at St.
Going back to the 90s, horses like Cool Jazz (1994), Lone Piper (1998) and Invader (1999) were never sighted in the Greenham, yet found success in contests where the pace was more hectic early on.
With the cool jazz in the background, it's the perfect place to kick back and soak up the atmosphere.
Indeed, his personal response to cool jazz is another example.