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a stove for cooking (especially a wood- or coal-burning kitchen stove)

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The cookstove project was born in small town on the Guatemalan border with Mexico, where Michigan Tech environmental engineering graduate student Kelli Whelan was working on an Engineers Without Borders project.
Now a global alliance, set up under the auspices of the US State Department and the United Nations, is working toward a goal of supplying 100 million clean cookstoves by 2020.
At the event, representatives of the Kenyan groups Practical Action and Global Village Energy Partnership International discussed East African cookstove initiatives.
Its sources include diesel engines--in motor vehicles, boats, trains, and also non-vehicle engines--as well as generators, agricultural burning, wildfires, inefficient cookstoves, and the kind of brick kilns that are common in South Asia.
Inefficient cookstoves are linked to 2 million yearly deaths worldwide and pose a public health threat to the world's poorest people, particularly low - income women and children.
Gurgaon, May 9 -- The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves today announced that Academy Award winning actor Julia Roberts will serve as Global Ambassador, helping to bring attention to one of the most urgent health problems facing women and families around the world: deadly smoke from unsafe and inefficient cookstoves.
It's hard to believe that this is what's melting the glaciers," says Veerabhadran Ramanathan, a leading climate scientist, as he walks among Kohlua's mudbrick huts, each with a small cookstove that pours soot into the atmosphere.
still might be a gully that naturally gathered that rusty cookstove past
This combination wok and cookstove, tagged with the Zappaesque name Moon Cooking Unit, is lightweight, simple to assemble, and easy to clean (it has a nonstick anodized surface).
And what about that newfangled cookstove at the home of Salem Towne, the village's richest farmer?
So we begin and end, rushing like a river to Doomsday, planting squash and tomatoes for infamy, not appleseed, upon the hill tonight another sensitive lady will look into my window, she'll see lots of clutter, lots of loving, a house designed for summer living with several porches, a tin roof, a wood cookstove.
However, there's another kind of stove you don't hear much about: The cookstove.
Deutsche Bank, a German provider of financial services, on Friday declared its continued commitment to investment in the clean cooking sector via the creation of a USD100m fund to support social enterprises which advance and deploy clean cookstove solutions, in partnership with Bank of America, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, development finance institutions and private investors.