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a stove for cooking (especially a wood- or coal-burning kitchen stove)

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This new biomass fueled cookstove will deliver clean-burning cooking, heating, lighting, and charging of cell phones.
We also wanted to design, manufacture, and complete preliminary tests on a new improved metal cookstove (NIMC) prototype that would be affordable and culturally acceptable in a real house setting.
Is the broader policy context reasonably aligned with the goals of the cookstove program, or is there government policy that stands opposed to the aims of the program?
It has to be something people can make and sell in Malawi and that others will want to buy," he said, hoping that the cookstoves will become a local source of income for the people who have been making and using it.
A cookstove testing expert, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, a technical consultant to the World Bank for stove programs, told us he was not surprised by the results, although the fuel savings of 63 percent did seem high.
If and when a complete history of the cookstove in America is written, it will reveal the dramatic shift that took place in only a few years from the traditional black-and-nickel stoves to porcelain models.
Traditional sources of capital are out of reach for many early stage or smaller clean cookstove and fuels businesses.
REAP-Canada's Improved Cookstove Program, of which I was a part, develops innovative, efficient stoves to fight deforestation and poverty.
However, Point Source Power and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's VOTO rugged metal-supported solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is a simple, affordable technology that can operate directly on hydrocarbon fuels in the relatively uncontrolled environment of a cookstove.
Estimates suggest that a family could earn enough money selling carbon credits on the carbon market to directly finance the purchase price of a clean cookstove within two to five years through a loan.
Up to now, most interventions have focused on improving the cookstove to lower emissions.
Both have already run successful clean cookstove programs, and can bring their experience to bear as well as working toward upgrading existing stoves.
Mission Malawi's cookstove entrepreneurship project has made improved cookstoves available in rural areas and boosted economic development.