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an informal meal cooked and eaten outdoors

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Lucky family gets their summer cookout "crashed" - Receives a new grill and accessories, plus a jamming BBQ party featuring delicious pork
It's a big batch and perfect for a party or cookout.
Smith & Wesson celebrated receiving this year's Manufacturer of the Year award from the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence at an employee cookout in May.
What James discovers are the lively streets of Harlem, rooftop cookouts and the wonderful world of Unde Romie's art: vibrant canvases depicting the big city but also collages of the familiar North Carolina where Unde Romie had grown up, too.
Sims designer Will Wright says that the word "game" becomes less appropriate for people playing Sims, where players can compete with each other but often spend more time shooting the breeze at online cookouts or pool parties.
This is far from the truth because although vegans do eat those aforementioned "weird" foods, they can still eat at restaurants, have cookouts, and even enjoy desserts.
There was a water hole near our place where John caught many a fish for his supper, and sometimes we had cookouts with him.
He took five days, using the extra time to stop at a few parks along the way, have some cookouts and enjoy the trip," says Kent.
Camp was alive with the sounds of cookouts and swimming games.
Two other concerns arrange cookouts atscenic locations:
adults (81 percent) feel that cookouts are a great opportunity to spend meaningful time with family and friends, but nearly three quarters (72 percent) would like to spend more time socializing when grilling.
In the years since, the company has introduced innovations that are now standard among modern grills, always striving to make cookouts more enjoyable for the millions who barbecue each week.
With "Checkered Flag Cooking: An Insider's Guide To Tailgating At The Races", Kent Whitaker has combined his passion for great cooking with his passion for race car events to produce an impressive collection of recipes ideal for tailgate dining, grilling, and race-day cookouts.
The re-enactors work hard to create seamless presentations of the past, with scenes of warfare, camp-outs, cookouts, debates, ballroom-style dances and gruesome medical procedures.
This is especially true during cookouts and snacks away from the dining hall.