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Specifically targeting young festival goers aged 18 - 24, #TunesnotFumes is educating about the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as the dangers of using a barbecue or cooking stove inside a tent or in its porch.
The government, which usually gives out cash at events, decided to give presents instead – including coffeemakers, electric whisks and cooking stoves.
Gas leak is a concern but a company official said, ''We are enhancing safety functions by attaching highly efficient sensors to gas cooking stoves.
It's like a big Mexican cooking stove but it was probably used as a heater on someone's patio.
COUNTRYSIDE: I use propane for a cooking stove, refrigerator, and hot water heater.
An allotment owner had been using a cooking stove next to the sheds on Thornaby Road at about 1.
For example, in Bangladesh, the SPFS was involved in developing a new cooking stove that uses less fuel and discharges smoke from the indoor environment, therefore reducing indoor concentrations of hazardous particulate matter.
The losers will get meagre rations, basic furniture, and an outside cooking stove and toilet for a week.
Jim Shekdhar, aged 54, (left) will have had to forego the traditional roast turkey because the cooking stove on board his craft packed in.
The new, fuel-efficient cooking stove donations are part of American Publishers' tree-planting partnership with the Plant-It 2020 foundation.
The cooking stove program is now supported by Rotary clubs throughout the United States, Mexico and Central America.
Chulha stove: this healthy cooking stove addresses a problem prevalent in rural areas of many developing nations - traditional indoor cooking stoves can create smoky, unsafe environments that beget dangerous health effects.
Carrying a pack which included tent, cooking stove, kayak repair kit and a mobile phone, the adventurer cited the "poor weather of July, with high winds and seas", as his biggest challenge.
Enodis said it had received a letter from the Solihull-based cooking stove manufacturer proposing a merger based on relative contributions followed by an unquantified share buy-back.
Gadsby, who denied the charge, had rigged a pounds 30 cooking stove to two petrol bottles and a timer.