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any of numerous vegetable oils used in cooking

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BEIRUT: A large fire that erupted in a cooking oil factory in Mkalles Wednesday reignited overnight and was still raging over 15 hours later.
Abu Dhabi will open a new facility to recycle used cooking oil by the end of this year, a top official from Tadweer, the Centre of Waste Management in Abu Dhabi, said on Tuesday.
Explaining the importance of the used cooking oil recycling facility, Saeed Al Mehairbi, acting general manager, Tadweer, said it will be generating biodiesel from used cooking oil, which will help minimise waste and reduce carbon emissions.
Some of these were Khajoor cooking oil, Rehsam Banaspati, Absa cooking oil and Absa banaspati, Kisan banaspati, Kisan canola oil, Andaz cooking oil, Moulvi cooking oil, Rima cooking oil and banaspati, etc.
In a press release, Salem Nasser al Bortmany, executive director, Areej Vegetable Oils and Derivatives who received the award, said, 'This award highlights the trust and confidence that consumers have in Areej Cooking Oil and all our other brands.
Talking to media, PFA Director Operations North, Bilawal Abro said a production unit was sealed preparing cooking oil from intestines and fats of animals.
At present, we are significantly extending the opportunity for Slovak households to dispose of used cooking oil," said Anton Molnar, spokesperson for Slovnaft, as cited by the SITA newswire.
The plant, an initiative of the city government, Japan International Cooperation Agency and two Japan-based companies, would process at least 1,000 liters of used cooking oil into biodiesel daily.
The names of such products are listed as: Shan Cooking Oil, Islamabad Cooking Oil, Marwa Cooking Oil, Evian Cooking Oil, Asia Pure Cooking Oil, Islamabad Banaspati, Handi Cooking Oil, Shahtaj Premier Cooking Oil, Ashiana Banaspati, Mumtaz Banaspati, Data Banaspati, Prime Banaspati, Handi Banaspati, Ghausia Banaspati, Meher Banaspati, Soya Supreme Banaspati, Inam Banspati, Rani Gold Banaspati, Taza Gold Banaspati, Rehmat Banaspati, Suad Banaspati, Malta Banaspati, Khyber Banaspati, Askari Banaspatij.
7 For ensuring this appropriate balance of fatty acids in cereal-based diets, it is necessary to increase the a-linolenic (n-3) acid intake and reduce the quantity of linoleic (n-6) acid obtained from the cooking oil.
Tiganokinisi' is an educational, environmental programme, launched by the non-governmental organisation Akti, which focuses on the collection and recycling of used cooking oil, and has been successfully applied in more than 200 schools all over the island.
Some trucks in Shanghai are, for the first time in the country, fueling up on recycled cooking oil, commonly known as gutter oil, as part of efforts to promote environmental sustainability and keep the inferior oil out of kitchens.
It added that Another Malaysia's palm oil product, the Minyak Cooking Oil made its way into the local Pakistan market, said a press release issued here on Friday by Malaysian Palm Oil Board.
Focusing on the coffee, tea and cooking oil categories, Market Track measured the percentage of print feature ads for each of the three categories that included store brand products.
Integrated facilities, environment and energy management solutions provider Imdaad is collaborating with Blue, the new identity of Alserkal Group's Environmental Division, to collect and recycle used cooking oil from its hotels and restaurants.