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One concern, however, is that it can crack if exposed to direct flame or a sudden dramatic change in temperature, so preheat it gradually and use for low-heat cooking only.
In focusing on "Ways and Means," Neuhaus was able to examine how one woman thought about cooking and eating during the war--a perspective that was very different from that of published cookbook authors.
The photographs are shot close-up to display cooking details clearly and look great on the small screens of hand-held media players.
Don't be alarmed if it seems like there isn't enough liquid at the outset of cooking.
A foolproof method for cooking almost any green, and a good way to get to know how to cook the different varieties, is to rinse, remove any tough stems, then pull apart the leaves into hand-sized pieces.
Marling argues that "cuisine meant to look like something else" aimed to elevate the status of cooking and gave the impression of time and trouble taken.
Brush or rub turkey lightly with olive oil (or melted butter), or spray with Pam or other nonstick cooking spray and rub with any seasonings desired (try smoked paprika, ground chipotle or ancho chili pepper, garlic or seasoned salt and pepper).
If there are any vegan cooking topics you would like featured in this column, let us know.
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi will be an underwriter of America's most watched cooking show on public television, from the test kitchen of "Cook's Illustrated" magazine, from July 1 through December 31, 2006.
household budgets spent on food, it's not surprising that consumers are flocking to food magazines of all kinds these days, looking for food and travel adventures, intriguing recipes, ingredients, new takes on classics -- and all kinds of new restaurants, equipment and products related to food and cooking.
Goussault started working on Sous-Vide cooking 34 years ago, but it is only recently that chefs around the world are recognizing it as an often superior method of cooking.
The book has changed her life, she said, in that she has adapted to cooking with just a handful of ingredients.
With the growth in popularity, we agree it is very important that there are cooking standards for restaurant chefs to follow.
95), her fifth cookbook, adding that "people have lost interest in French cooking, Italian has become too commonplace, and everyone loves Mediterranean.