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Most Common Application Layer Vulnerabilities Attack Percent vulnerable Cross-site scripting 80% SQL injection 62% Parameter tampering 60% Cookie poisoning 37% Database server 33% Web Server 23% Buffer overflow 19%
Digex AppSpect(SM) scans applications using browser-based clients against the ten most common security vulnerabilities including cookie poisoning, cross-site scripting and forceful browsing.
The product suite prevents the top Web application attacks as defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) including buffer overflow, parameter tampering, cookie poisoning and SQL Injection.
AppScan automates the test script creation, modification and maintenance process and ensures reliable and repeatable testing for: Cross-site Scripting, Parameter Tampering, Hidden Field Manipulation, Backdoors and Debug Options, Stealth Commanding, Forceful Browsing, Application Buffer Overflow, Cookie Poisoning, HTTP Attacks and SQL Injection.