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a book of recipes and cooking directions

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Mary's latest cookery book "If ever I was on my own, I would have one of my son's hens' eggs, some really good bread and some potted shrimps, which I would warm through with butter and a bit of spice, on toast.
A COOKERY book publisher has announced plans to go international with a new fine dining and recipe book based on Ireland.
A HARDBACK cookery book full of Shakespearian recipes has been launched in Stratford.
Florence George (1865-1918) produced three cookery books which ran into many editions.
In 1995, he was among the group of master chefs who finished in the top 3 of the "Bocuse d'Or" world cooking championship and he is the author of numerous internationally successful cookery books.
SAVE a for tune on celebrity chef cookery books by getting them out of the library instead of buying them.
Oh, and a laboratory for testing recipes and writing cookery books.
The way out of this food hell is for women, mothers and housewives to get off their behinds, stop watching posturing cooks on TV, demand good basic cookery books free from semi-erotic photography and go back to scratch cooking.
Many cookery books can contain recipes that are complex and involve numerous ingredients.
There will be excellent hard backs, including children's stories, cookery books, biographies and other interesting titles, all for 100 fils each," said a society spokeswoman.
The ex-Celebrity Big Brother star fronts a new daily series in which some of Britain's most famous chefs get the chance to put recipes from their cookery books to the test.
In a striking extension of the process by which cookery books transformed foreign ingredients and diverse practices into distinctively English cookery, The Queens Closet Opened assimilates the much-disliked French Catholic queen to English social networks, transforming her into a good English housewife.
Nautical cookery books on display include Cookery for Seamen by Alexander Quinlan and NE Mann (1896) and the Nautical Cookery Book for the Use of Stewards and Cooks of Cargo Vessels by TF Adkins (1916).
When meat-lover Simon Rimmer decided to buy a veggie cafA called Greens, he had two cookery books, a bank loan and no idea how to cook