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a book of recipes and cooking directions

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He brought out his first cookery book Bake It Great last year and opened his bakery, The Hive Bakery, in Cheshire.
Troyano, saw his first cookery book, Bake It Great, published last year: "I've also toured the country doing demonstrations and teaching classes, and in June I fulfilled a dream and opened my first bakery, The Hive Bakery, in Poynton, my home town.
Mary's latest cookery book "If ever I was on my own, I would have one of my son's hens' eggs, some really good bread and some potted shrimps, which I would warm through with butter and a bit of spice, on toast.
A COOKERY book publisher has announced plans to go international with a new fine dining and recipe book based on Ireland.
Vital Elizabeth Cromwell does not fit the name "drudge," however, and her recipes show little difference from cookery books of the time, including the former queen's.
Just PS10 helps a parent continue to cook for their children with RNIB's range of giant print cookery books while PS70 will enable a person with sight loss to enjoy Talking Books for a whole year.
TV shows like Delia's How to Cook and Delia Through The Decades followed alongside a number of bestselling cookery books like How To Cheat At Cooking, The Delia Collection and The Winter Collection.
We should have pictures of all the things which go wrong" Author Julian Barnes on cookery books "I hate what is going on but I ain't leaving.
The Food Of Love is made up of a delicious selection of dishes adapted for the modern kitchen from 16th century English cookery books and recipe collections, together with anecdotes and explanations from the Bard's plays.
TV programmes and cookery books are the biggest source of ideas for new meals.
Florence George (1865-1918) produced three cookery books which ran into many editions.
SAVE a for tune on celebrity chef cookery books by getting them out of the library instead of buying them.
Oh, and a laboratory for testing recipes and writing cookery books.
The way out of this food hell is for women, mothers and housewives to get off their behinds, stop watching posturing cooks on TV, demand good basic cookery books free from semi-erotic photography and go back to scratch cooking.