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Words related to coo

the sound made by a pigeon

Related Words

speak softly or lovingly

Related Words

cry softly, as of pigeons

References in classic literature ?
On this subject Newman maintained an habitual reserve; to expatiate largely upon it had always seemed to him a proceeding vaguely analogous to the cooing of pigeons and the chattering of monkeys, and even inconsistent with a fully developed human character.
George Lashmar Chapin wanted all the bluebells on God's earth that day to eat, and--Sophie adored him in a voice like to the cooing of a dove; so business was delayed.
There was a drowsy buzz of small life in hot sunshine, a cooing of doves, and a sleepy drone of well-wheels across the fields.
As soon as Billy could sit in a highchair or an ordinary packing box on the floor, she kept him with her while she went about her different tasks, cooing and laughing with him as she worked, but when he needed attention she could disregard calling dishes, chickens, half-churned butter, unfinished ironing, unmilked cows or an irate husband with a placidity that was worthy of the old Greek gods.
There was a sound as of the cooing sob of doves, which seemed to multiply and intensify with each second.
And then her cooing voice, plaintive in expostulation, disturbed the darkness, the velvet touch of her lips passed over his brow, and he could distinguish in the air the warmth of her breath.
My companions are building a nest in the Temple of Baalbec, and the pink and white doves are watching them, and cooing to each other.
A little plaintive cooing, a scarcely distinct echo, replied from the depths of the cave.
we'd better get out of here while this billing and cooing is on.