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Make a complete diagnosis by taking a complete history and using screening tests to identify cooccurring diagnoses.
Finally, frequent cooccurring mutations NFE2L2, KEAP1, and NOTCH1 in a study on more than four thousand human cancers support the notion that the outcome from aberrant Nrf2-Notch crosstalk by mutations in these genes might specifically enhance tumorigenesis and progression to cancer [142].
Among OMI, cooccurring substance use disorders were reported by almost 75% of state prison and jail inmates (Sarteschi, 2013).
Investigating the relationship between self-injurious behavior, social deficits, and cooccurring behaviors in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.
The reefs at Hewletts Creek and Jones Island were also sampled in the fall of 2012 to quantify the presence of pea crabs in two cooccurring bivalve species, the scorched mussel Brachidontes exustus (Linneaus, 1758), and the ribbed mussel Geukensia demissa (Dillwyn, 1817).
Is the collaborative chronic care model effective for patients with bipolar disorder and cooccurring conditions?
4] found that cooccurring and comparably severe PTSD and depression symptoms are pervasive among female sexual assault survivors.
Estimates of SUDs among consumers of state and federal vocational rehabilitation (VR) services range from 25 to 66% depending on the cooccurring disability (Heinemann, Lazowksi, Moore, Miller & McAweeney, 2008).
Integrated treatment of cooccurring mental and substance use disorders in urban populations: the situation in Montreal].
Prevalence and costs of cooccurring traumatic brain injury with and without psychiatric disturbance and pain among Afghanistan and Iraq War Veteran V.
Family similarly appears as a frequently cooccurring word with responsible parenthood and population control.
Addictions issues are frequently cooccurring with one and often multiple other presenting problems.
Based on these results, we carried out a preliminary study in French Guiana with two abundant cooccurring late-successional species, Eperua falcata and Dicorynia guianensis [8].
capitatum that occupy montane regions may be particularly likely to show local differentiation because these areas are very heterogeneous over short distances in both microclimate and cooccurring species (reviewed in Lomolino, 2001).