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Purple amole and cryptogamic crusts cooccur in 50% of the survey plots, and density of purple amole is positively correlated (P < 0.
This is partly because WH phrases are indefinite DPS and following the discussion above about the association of OMs and definiteness and specificity, it is to be expected that the OM cannot cooccur with WH words in the same clause in this language.
But soldiers and veterans are affected more than any other sector of the population, says Chiarelli When brain injury and posttraumatic stress cooccur, as they often do, symptoms may be difficult to disentangle, and both conditions increase the risk of depression, he says.
33) Hopper y Thompson senalan especificamente (1980: 299): "Transitivity is a global property of clauses, that it is a continuum along which various cluster and tend strongly to cooccur, and that the foci of high Transitivity and low Transitivity correlate with the independent discourse notions of foregrounding and backgrounding respectively".
Interestingly, -I can cooccur in the same syllable as medial -I-, e.
Two explanations for this association have been advanced, both of which are plausible and may cooccur.
Gibbs and Matlock (2001), for instance, have shown how different senses of the English verb make cooccur with particular syntactic frames.
It argues that both are cymbial apophyses that never cooccur (Agnarsson 2004), and that both may interact with palpal tegular sclerites of the palpal bulb during natural expansion of the palp (Heimer & Nentwig 1982; Huber 1993; Knoflach 1998, 2004; Agnarsson 2004; Knoflach & Pfaller 2004).
Moreover, there is more contextual information for a given mention than in a typical database tuple; this information might include the syntactic structure of the sentence as well as entities that cooccur in the same document.
Los programas que facilitaron la deteccion y posterior recuento fueron combo y cooccur del sistema childes (MacWinney 1995):
These four subforces cooccur at the beginning of the information generating process, which can be portrayed graphically, as in Figure 2.
Query probing [Hawking and Thistlewaite 1999] is an algorithm that sends a two-word subset of a query (a "probe query") to each database to discover how often the words occur and cooccur in each database.
These deficits emerged across WM conditions and are related to reading performance, suggesting that reading problems may be related to (or cooccur with) generalized processing constraints.
Joseph Biederman, chief of the Joint Program in Pediatrics and Psychopharmacology at Massachusetts General Hospital, depression, anxiety, conduct, and oppositional disorders are the most common disorders that cooccur with ADHD (Biederman, Jensen, & Wilens, 1995).
Because these congeners cooccur and share spawning times, the influence of sperm availability on selection on egg size may be more apparent than in other taxa where the planktonic environment varies among species (Levitan 1996a).