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These four subforces cooccur at the beginning of the information generating process, which can be portrayed graphically, as in Figure 2.
Finally, note that the seven features are formally simple (they involve no conjunctions or disjunctions, for example, in contrast to features like "oral or written" or "in verse and prose"); that they belong to heterogeneous domains (one feature refers to what is represented; another one focuses on dimension; and another one still pertains to the medium of representation); that they make up an internally consistent set (whereas lack of consistency might be called for in characterizations of postmodern fiction and potentially contradictory features--such as "use of technical jargon" and "high legibility"--sometimes cooccur in definitions of realist novels); and that they differ as to their precision or their absoluteness.
Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas, 1771), the zebra mussel, and Dreissena rostriformis bugensis (Andrusov, 1897), the quagga mussel, are both important invaders in freshwater systems, cooccur in their native habitat, and have very different histories of invasion.
There is also an interrogative mood suffix -sa that cooccurs with indicative person endings and does not cooccur with tense marking.
This surmise is supported by the fact that, when a lexical first person pronoun and a non-SAP NP cooccur within a clause, it is preferred that the former precedes the latter (Willie and Jelinek 2000:264-265; recall that Navajo word order reflects the empathy relations between the core participants).
Remember that Malto does not allow velars and uvulars to cooccur in the same syllable without a morpheme boundary.
Of the taxa that geographically cooccur with filovirus disease occurrences (Tables 1-3), variable numbers have been tested (Appendix online; available from http://www.
Auditory conditions that were not investigated in this study, hyperacusis and phonophobia, occasionally cooccur with tinnitus.
When these two disorders cooccur, they appear to amplify and complicate the patient's experience.
This explains why the two interpretations fail to cooccur in a ***se se cluster, and removes the need of ad hoc filters.
An extreme degree of combination can be found in the language Twi (also known as Akan), where labialization and palatalization cooccur on obstruents, which are thus labio-palatalized (De Jong and Obeng 2000).
That is, in all three languages, the constructions are generally optional, they tend to cooccur with certain types of verbs, they tend to increase or decrease the sense of volitionality/control expressed by the main verbs with which they cooccur, and they all express aspects of speaker stance such as emphatic perspective, accidentality/uncontrollability, regret, relief pride, counterexpectations, and strong resolve.
Believe-type verbs used to be combined only with infinitival complements containing be, but though be and (perfective or possessive) have are still the dominant verbs in all infinitival complements with verbs of the believe class, irrespective of voice, lexical verbs, especially dynamic ones, are more likely to cooccur with passive matrices than with actives (see Table 2, taken from Noel 2001), a clear sign of the expansion of the passive pattern.