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Words related to coo

the sound made by a pigeon

Related Words

speak softly or lovingly

Related Words

cry softly, as of pigeons

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They hire more than a COO, it's a chief management officer.
Samuel Palmisano, 48, was named president and COO of Armonk, NY-based IBM, a $87.
Reporting directly to Kriens will be CFO Bob Dykes, COO Stephen Elop, EVP of HR Steven Rice and Founder and CTO Pradeep Sindhu.
As the CEO, owner or founder of a company, how do you when you're ready for someone to fill the COO role?
Certainly, we have seen how effective COOs are designing and leading broad-based enterprise transformation efforts.
Christopher Taylor - COO of Abu Dhabi Finance PJSC, Ian Lucy - COO of Bank Al Jazira, Amgad Younes - Group COO of Barwa Bank, Abdullah N.
The report finds that the need for and the definition of the COO role is determined by the relationship between the COO and CEO, including their personalities, in the context of the needs of the particular business.
Brereton, COO of CARE-TECH Laboratories, provider of such infection control products as SATIN, CARE-CREME, and Orchid Fresh II: "Given the failure rate of systemic antibiotics, as well as today's bariatric and diabetic patient loads, continued and more emphatic [preventive] procedures will be paramount to reducing nursing home costs.
All this would suggest the role is a useful one, but one recent study found that firms led by a CEO-COO duo underperformed firms without a COO and that in poorly performing firms the presence of a COO increased the likelihood the CEO would be dismissed.
Craig Samitt, MD, MBA, COO, Fallon Clinic, Worchester, Mass.
Changes include the naming of a single COO and the appointments of four new group vice presidents.
In some companies, the COO is a figure of power--a coach, a counselor, a master of process engineering, a CEO-in-training.
What every COO should know about the four stages of an effective review - review previously set clear goals or targets, execution of the work, reviewing and reflecting how work went against goals and targets, setting new clear goals and targets, the legal and ethical quicksand that must be avoided by COOs in conducting reviews, and more.
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