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curl, wind, or twist together

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th] level, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ([TAU]), is a obtained by convolving the pdf of r.
There is considerable diagnostic value in recording actual errors in the angles in two-face system tests instead of convolving these errors into a distance error.
The following result, showing that powers of K correspond precisely to convolving and taking cosets, is intuitively obvious with a straightforward proof.
Each layer consists of two parts: a convolving part, which extracts local feature combinations from its input, and an abstracting part, which reduces the size of the feature map.
s]), is computed convolving the position support of the object, S(t), with a Gaussian kernel, and the background probability is then P(B|[f.
Filtering is achieved by convolving a square-summable product kernel H with the 'symbol' [{H^(n, k)}.
The convolving serpents exhibit to us the inevitable destiny which unites together the characters in so dreadful a manner.
Electrosonic's new Vector processor puts PC Graphics on equal footing with traditional video for the first time in videowall history, by means of a proprietary convolving algorithm.
We have emulated its performance by convolving the NIR spectra with a Gaussian function representing the filter spectral transmission.
The multipliers convolving the data are determined by the interval spacings only and can be calculated prior to the interpolation.
The convolution of a grey level image with the first partial derivative of Gaussian can be carried out convolving successively the image with two perpendicular, unidimensional masks, being the first one the derivative of the Gaussian and the second one the Gaussian itself.
Convolving these zones in terms of their intrinsic lithological types to test for the admissible saturation exponent value resulted in some agreement to the Archie 'n' value of 2 for BON-1a, BOD-1d and BOD-1b
2] is kept constant, Shi [27] has suggested that convolving with HDAF kernels implements an ideal filter to arbitrary, controllable accuracy.
In practice, this can be achieved if the system noise is automatically monitored by the electronics; variations in electronic noise can then be corrected by convolving the spectrum and profiles with the appropriate Gaussian functions to bring them all to the same effective noise value.
The response of a layered structure interrogated by a pulsed laser beam can also be determined by convolving an input waveform with the derivative of the components of the Green's tensor that represents a dipole source.