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curl, wind, or twist together

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This function is a continuous nowhere differentiable function, but convolving it with a function of the same kind gives differentiability at every point.
Signal increase in response to neural activation was simulated convolving the time course describing the task with a typical hemodynamic response function: we chose the three-parameter gamma variate function defined as h(t) = k[t.
He stressed on the need of convolving senior scientists and the youth to play a collaborative role in order to make Pakistan science conscious.
L-1]th layer by convolving and down-sampling, with the same size, but not equal.
The gradient image can be computed efficiently by convolving the original image with a filter.
The first trace by convolving a 0[degrees]-20 Hz Morlet wavelet with 1 and-1 reflection coefficients at 0.
In a nutshell, by measuring the wavefront aberration, then applying a Fourier transform to calculate the image at a single point, and finally convolving that one point to the object being viewed and this will provide the retinal image.
For a given signal, approximation and detail coefficients can be obtained by convolving low-pass filter and high-pass filter followed by down sampler, respectively.
which can be implemented by convolving ln S with a mask filter [[phi].
Interpolation commonly is implemented by convolving an image with a small kernel for the weighting function.
The expected smoothed curve was calculated by convolving the window function with a reference profile of the Crab Pulsar, shown in Fig.
3 to show output of proposed methodology by convolving the hamming window response with FrFT of desired impulse response.
To reduce image noise and obtain similar magnitudes of intra-slice and inter-slice intensity gradients, the gradients were obtained by implementing a simple symmetric gradient operator after convolving intensities with a Gaussian kernel of scale [sigma]
Further, we could retain the Fejer function on G, if we did not want to generalize further, by convolving step functions on G.