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curl, wind, or twist together

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Each of the four noise conditions are plotted in Figure 7, along with a sample convolved utterance ("find a street address") for reference purposes.
Deconvolution is the name of the process that restores the initial signal from the convolved signal with a known convolution kernel.
Thus the maximum of output is slightly higher than 2E because of the noise component which is also being convolved with the filter.
2) The decompressed JPEG image is convolved with each 2D Gabor filter [G.
Others [26, 27] have noted this 'deployment lag' as well, though the time-to-market in these works is somewhat convolved with the time to significant market penetration.
Sobel operator uses two 3x3 kernels which are convolved with the original image to calculate approximations of the derivatives, one for horizontal changes, and one for vertical changes.
Original image is convolved with Gaussian kernels of increasing standard deviation to construct Gaussian scale space.
The expected hemodynamic response, used as a regressor of interest, was estimated as the boxcar time series describing the paradigm, convolved with hemodynamic response function [28].
The beta values represent the modulation of activity of the ICs temporally associated with the onset of the event convolved with the hemodynamic response.
The governments, policy makers, experts, journalists and all the stakeholders must be convolved in order to make air pollution resilient policies.
Convolved holism: The structural feature of phenomenal states whereby we experience objects at once as being wholes and not merely sets of features, but at the same time as often being wholes constructed of parts
In spectrum mode, the result of a windowed FFT is convolved with a RBW shape to yield spectrum traces with a specified RBW, similar to an analog spectrum analyzer.
Firstly, the L-1th layer GL-1 is convolved with the low-pass window function.
The high resolution spectral data of upwelling radiance are convolved in real time with the satellite band spectral response functions to provide band-averaged water-leaving spectral radiances for vicarious calibration of the satellite sensor.
Each image is convolved with all the elements in the dictionary.