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curl, wind, or twist together

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Test images are convolved with the components of the template model.
When a original image is convolved with a kernel, the new images will have values related to the corresponding kernel feature.
The rows of an image are convolved with the system function of low pass filter and high pass filter to get convoluted signal.
Each wavelet packet has an associated filter, which when convolved with the data produces N wavelet packet coefficients, rather like the MODWT filter for a given value of j.
5) Each mask along the horizontal and vertical direction is convolved with the input image.
As a consequence, the SMI can be expressed in terms of the densities of the intrinsic volumes which in turn allows to estimate the SMI from the grey value histogram of the convolved image described above.
These regular waveforms can in turn be superimposed, convolved, with one another and, by way of the inverse Fourier procedure, can be retransformed to obtain correlations in the original space-time configuration.
This response is convolved with the response of the uncorrected speaker to yield the flat response.
The simulated local compliance data of curve 71 were convolved with the sequence of span functions of Figure 4 to give simulated measured compliance data, thereby simulating passing a wood beam with the simulated local values through a production-line machine having the bending support arrangement of Figure 3.
The corresponding invariant measure [micro] is the infinitely convolved Bernoulli measure (ICBM) (see the works of P.
2]/sec), convolved with the quantum efficiency as a function of the wavelength.
9), in the image potential energy field, each point in the edge image can be convolved with a two-dimensional Gaussian mask to obtain potential energy field.
They had broad powerful noses with wide fleshy deeply scalloped wings, sensual mouths, extraordinarily mixed of delicacy and coarseness, which in the process of thinking they convolved with astonishing flexibility, broad intelligent foreheads, and deep flat cheeks, a trifle hollowed.
Of the convolved levels of fantasy and reality and identity here - e.
The return amplitude response of various recorded rays is convolved with the far field impulse response estimated for the antenna.