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The exponential convolution (e-convolution) of arithmetic functions is defined by
According to Laws, the best mask is R5R5, from all the 25 convolutions.
A genetic analysis of the Turkish patient whose brain lacks the characteristic convolutions in part of his cerebral cortex revealed that the deformity was caused by the deletion of two genetic letters from 3 billion in the human genetic alphabet.
The formed model is made using sub- convolutions with a nonlinear compromise scheme that provides consideration of limited resource allocation of conflicting criteria requirements, different consumer needs, stocks of supplies,' stocks and limited resources.
In the latest finding, a team of researchers analyzed a Turkish patient whose brain lacks those characteristic convolutions in part of his cerebral cortex, a sheet of brain tissue that plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language and consciousness, reports Fox News.
At length, fleeing the bathhouse, Lev traverses a sordid world amid the streets of Sofia, retracing the convolutions of the murder scenario, during which he stumbles upon Slug, his slimy accomplice in the jewel heist that went wrong, who is now an apparatchik himself, bent on rubbing out his erstwhile partner in crime.
This feature allows combining convolutions and correlations products with respect to different directions in a hybrid convolution-correlation multi-dimensional algorithm, whose flow-chart is presented in Fig.
SIR - John Riseley's letter (January 7) on the minutiae and convolutions of the monarchical succession made me realise why the majority of younger people in England have no interest in their royal family or support for the institution it embodies.
NOW that we're all commentators or experts on macro economics, high finance and other fiscal convolutions, there's still no consensus on very much at all.
Alas, it blows it all in the last half-hour with a series of risibly dopey plot convolutions and a blithering variation on ``Titanic's'' climax.
Roswell'' is an estimable companion to ``Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' and ``Angel,'' more innocent (save a mildly blue sight gag in episode two) and less action-packed but equally concerned with abstruse romantic convolutions.
Most alarmingly, the paradoxes and conceptual convolutions that propagate themselves so freely on the wall reproduce themselves as readily in the vexed and dizzied understanding of the viewer; not only is one forced, for instance, to think of the surrounding wall as an element within the moveable painting it happens to support, but also to accept this intuition as anomalous and futile.
McBeal'' has always wallowed in its sundry romantic convolutions, but as its third season commences, the show seems to be less witty and urbane and more flat-out obvious.
While this fairy tale addresses profound questions about the convolutions of the human psyche, what is particularly frightening about Sherman's version is that it all too accurately reflects a moment in our society when these nightmares often come true.
CNAPS PC parallel processing technology, capable of up to five billion operations per second, accelerates up to 100-fold image processing and recognition functions such as character recognition, filtering and convolutions and image manipulation functions such as rotation and resizing.