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Synonyms for convolute

curl, wind, or twist together


practice sophistry

rolled longitudinally upon itself


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This is generally described as the length at which the included angle, theta, between the convolutes reaches 90[degrees].
Bellow length increased when Functions more like a number of convolutes same.
Why you should care: FlexSeal 2520 features an integral hook and loop closure along its edges that eliminates the labor intensive process of taping the convolute after the wire harness has been inserted.
The use of a parison controller in extrusion blow molding will help control the wall thickness distribution of a series of convolutes in the longitudinal direction, so the convolutes will extend and collapse in a uniform manner or in the desired sequence.
Topics include injection molding, grips, shutoff design, extrusion, blow molding, seals, tubes, ducts and bellows, and convolutes.