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Synonyms for convoluted

Synonyms for convoluted

rolled longitudinally upon itself


highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious

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Some ICD-9 indicator codes translate well, but many have convoluted mappings - and some simply don't map at all.
size of renal corpuscle, micron, size of renal glomerulus, micron, diameter of proximal convoluted tubule, micron, diameter of opening of proximal convoluted tubule, micron, size of epithelial of renal tubules, micron2 and size of their nuclears, micron (2).
As convoluted a story as ever, the action is set in one expansive location, the military camp Omega, which is a fairly obvious riff on Guantanamo Bay.
When not writing his new multi-volume history of England Mr Ackroyd finds time to write this short biography of the Victorian novelist now remembered mainly as the writer of 'sensational novels'--with their convoluted plots (convoluted even by Victorian standards) and surprises--and for two in particular, The Woman in White and The Moonstone.
The Smoothflex, smooth bore, non convoluted model is made from ultra hygienic material with a stainless steel helix to offer maximum flexibility.
To avoid axial elongation, the trend in turbo air duct de sign is to maximize the proportion of smooth wall section on convoluted sections that are often made of Santoprene TPV 203-50.
Developers showcase innovative ways to make convoluted software
Newly released and now available for fans and enthusiastically recommended for community library DVD collections, "The Inspector Lynley Mysteries 4" is a boxed set of 4 DVDs which continue the adventures of one of Britains most sophisticatedly presented investigators, Inspector Lynley (Nathanial Parker) and his assistant, Detective Sergeant Havers (Sharon Small) who unravel particularly convoluted mysteries based on the stories of acclaimed mystery author Elizabeth George.
A convoluted plot keeps Tinera of Vieste brimming with surprises, even as it affirms the abiding and transcendent power of love.
In a world where most architectural publishing is unimaginative and kowtows to the convoluted architecturalstar-system and the main protagonists sophist ideas, Princeton are to be applauded for the breadth of their vision in publishing this book.
But as presented here, ``Six Degrees'' is bald melodrama disguised by vaguely decent dialogue championing convoluted narrative expediencies that would have trouble passing muster in a show set in Keokuk, Iowa.
Gunderson writes from his own experience, yet in a somewhat convoluted way.
If builders opt not to build affordable on their sites in Greenpoint Williamsburg and other developing waterfront areas, they are not eligible for a convoluted and important tax break known as 421A.