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Synonyms for convolute

curl, wind, or twist together


practice sophistry

rolled longitudinally upon itself


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Light-deburring wheels--medium-density, fine-grit convolute wheels for highly polished finishes.
Because these difficulties, generally, the importance of this worm disapierred, and, for this reasons it is established that it is named convolute worm zero.
General design of convolute shapes is dictated by the requirements for flexibility, bellows stiffness, diameters, extension and collapse limits.
These pragmatic competitions reach beyond the marketing hype that seems to convolute the evaluation process," said John Bodrozic, MPS president and co-founder.
Then to convolute things even further, there is Grady's discovery of a new love in the form of Linda--a nurse with a dangerously demented mother.
The limitation is that the wall thickness distribution from root to tip cannot be made uniform, and this is due to the blowing process and how the polymer flows as the parison stretches to take the convolute cavity shape.