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Synonyms for convoke

Synonyms for convoke

call together


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Today, the Crown continues to be an integral part of Parliament: convoking it, dissolving it, initiating each session with a speech from the throne, and assenting to every bill.
His initiatives include the convoking of a provincial council in 1607 and the establishment of a seminary.
In convoking an archdiocesan synod for Los Angeles, Cardinal Mahony promulgated a pastoral letter on ministry last year ago.
The Patriots, a group of eminent Nigerians, have called on Obasanjo to create the environment for dialogue among the various groups by convoking a national conference.
s research shows itself in two chapters that plough through a huge array of post-Vatican I treatises and De Ecclesia manuals studying what they say about questions like the papal role in convoking and confirming councils, and noting how few took newer historical research into account.
In a statement from her office, Bokova warned that the destructive action of ISIL in Palmyra, particularly the convoking of public events to witness destruction of cultural heritage, is "contemptuous of local communities and the Syrian people.
Isolated, Franco is trying to shore up his democratic credentials by making what former interior minister Rafael Filizzola called "blunders," in convoking, nine months early, the 2013 elections, requesting the Organization of American States (OAS) to send an observer mission to supervise those far-off elections, and threatening to hold a referendum to "let the people decide" whether Paraguay should remain a member of MERCOSUR.
In a statement, Musa said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas requested the convoking of the meeting during which Arab Foreign ministers of the committee's member parties would be briefed on the message Abbas has received from the U.
Pope John XXIII, having announced the convoking of an ecumenical council in January 1959, would the following year name Hurley a member of the Central Preparatory Commission.
Before the meeting ended, however, dissidents proposed convoking an extraordinary party congress in June to revise the FSLN structure and leadership.
It is Cardinal Lubachivsky who is convoking his Church to celebrate the restoration of communion with the Holy See in the forthcoming 400th anniversary of the Act of Union of Brest-Litovsk, and the 350th anniversary of the Union of Uzhorod.
It's necessary to understand how evil is connected to the existence of truth procedures: there can be an imitation, what I call a "simulacrum," of the truth event, convoking not the void but the plenum.