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Synonyms for convoke

Synonyms for convoke

call together


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Convoke Systems is solving these challenges through the use of a sophisticated technology platform that securely centralizes and standardizes the registration, management, and movement of charged-off consumer account information.
Delivered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Convoke Systems centralizes, standardizes and automates the handling and movement of consumer and commercial debt information.
We convoke it in the event it might become/the comforting fire of poem.
The delegates to the conference said the resolve to convoke the conference, which will be sovereign and produce a "People's Constitution", comes from the desire to draw Nigeria away from the brink of socio-political explosion; develop a platform where all aggrieved nationalities in Nigeria can sincerely and peacefully solve the issues affecting the federation; and address ethnic, religious, social, economic and other relevant matters.
Eighteen months ago, we could not have foreseen that Afghanistan would convoke a representative Loya Jirga, select a transitional government to preside over reconstruction, and draft a constitution.
Since taking office in early 1999, he has called Venezuelans to the ballot box five separate times--first, to convoke a new constituent assembly to rewrite the constitution; then to elect members of that assembly; then to win approval for the charter it produced; then to hold new elections for president, governors, and mayors; and most recently, to dismantle the existing labor movement.
It seems evident that neither party had such authority, nor did either party have authority to convoke an ecumenical council and thus "define a truth of the faith," as did Vatican I.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Convoke Systems, an information management software company in the Debt Collection and Recoveries industry, announced that it has secured a $5.
I have decided on this day to convoke an inclusive national political dialogue and the subsequent implementation of a preparatory committee to address all aspects linked to its organization," Kabila said in a pre-recorded speech aired on state-run television on Saturday evening.
In March, he announced he will convoke a jubilee year, to be called the Holy Year of Mercy, lasting from Dec.
com)-- Convoke Systems bolstered its senior leadership team today with the announcement of three new strategic appointments.
His mandate was very general, so Elliot used his "bully pulpit" to convoke various elements of the U.
Secretary General Ban Ki Moon or his representative ''to immediately convoke the parties to continue final status negotiations with the 120- day period following the adoption of the resolution.
The PRI's executive committee has evidently lost its power to convoke its own party members and keep the party united.
Cardinal Roger Mahony announced plans Thursday to convoke a synod - the first in Los Angeles since 1960 - to address local needs of the Catholic Church.