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Synonyms for convocation

Synonyms for convocation

a formal assemblage of the members of a group

Synonyms for convocation

a group gathered in response to a summons

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the act of convoking

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Fresh graduates, members of the faculty and people from different media organisations attended the convocation.
They also put forward their suggestions and proposals to hold the convocation in a befitting manner.
While the Georgetown School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Qatar) and Faculty of Islamic Studies (FIS) will graduate their first students this year, the joint convocation will celebrate the second graduating classes from the Education City university campuses of Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC-Q), Texas A&M University (TAMUQ) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU-Q), as well as the eighth graduating class from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCUQ).
The convocation is intended to gather about 2,000 people including representatives from WCC member churches and other Christian denominations as well as peace activists, academics, artists and children.
This lay convocation," she said, "represents a shift in the way we seek to voice our opinion in the church.
Reed, who gave the commencement address during the university's Honors Convocation.
The dinner chairman was Marjorie Diener Blenden, chairman of the board of YU's Stern College for Women, and convocation chair was Joseph Wilf, vice chairman of YU's Board of Trustees.
Opposition to the granting of the degree became so widespread and impassioned that this public convocation had to become an invitation only event.
Not only is the Convocation an entertaining and informative gathering with workshops, shopping, and fellowship, it is also the time when witches are brought to trial if necessary.
Our faculty organizers of the convocation say the Orion Society contacted them and wanted the last stop on her national book tour to be at FGCU, given our location in Florida as a key state in the national Presidential election.
Upon completion of the Fellowship program, successful participants will be recognized at ADAA Annual Conferences through a convocation ceremony.
Anyone in long-term care who's looking for a break from the "same old, same old" and longs to actively engage creating the future should strongly consider attending "Celebrating Excellence With Southern Charm," the 37th Annual Convocation and Exposition of the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA).
That's how many people attended an August convocation of Small Christian Communities (SCCs) that focused on "faithful and feasible" action for the future.
Top leaders from industry, education and government will meet in Chicago, April 10-11, 2000 at the Wyndham Hotel for the third annual National Information Technology Workforce Convocation, to address the information technology (IT) skills gap and to develop strategies for recruiting and building a strong IT workforce.
The convocation marks the beginning of SCU's 156th academic year and the start of classes for the fall 2006 semester.