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the power of argument or evidence to cause belief

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That is, the factfinder ought to gauge the convincingness of any story by its weakest link.
Further, the effects of sex of juror, sex of prosecuting attorney, and closing argument content will be examined on ratings of convincingness, quality, and strength of evidence.
The Court did not step in the direction of simply requiring heightened detail in allegations, but instead it instituted a judicial inquiry into the pleading's convincingness.
However the experimental convincingness of the respective idea still remains a subject of interest even in the inverstigations of the last decades (see for examples [6-9]).
3) Even if Meyer-Lee had not specifically named this dynamic "laureation," he could still have written the same narrative in terms of relations of power, high and low subject positions, and the emergence of interiority--which is a measure of its convincingness as well as of the skill of his readings.
Where in Raging Bull the expressionist stylization of the boxing scenes conveys a frequently unsettling subjective experience of violence, the more objective, documentary representation of violence outside the ring is no less unsettling in its harsh, awkward convincingness.
The scientific measurement methods based around the convincingness of repeatability are no longer of any use.
But their very convincingness suggests that something of The Bothie's peculiarity has been overlooked.
Newell and Simon (1972) acknowledge the convincingness of Oliver Selfridge's early demonstration of a symbol-manipulation program for pattern recognition (see Feigenbaum and Feldman [1963]).
Beyond the setting's elegance--the little trees and the lit windows of the cabin in the falsely deep-box perspective--and the weird convincingness of the audio, there isn't much to think about.
Scholars have attempted to answer the second of these questions a number of times with various degrees of directness and convincingness (see Leavis; Weisgerber; Sokhriakov 151-56; Nikoliukin 264-84; Klessmann 267-75; and Gerigk 162-96, 420-42).
In short, how one feels about the convincingness of Lawlor's "defense of the Derridean faith" will largely depend on how one antecedently feels about the convincingness of Derrida's own conclusions.
Concerning thesis E: What this thesis adds, to D, is that the utter convincingness of pre-theistic clarity and distinctness is non-enduring.
For such an issue it is necessary to conduct analysis in a quantitatively specified structural model, and the convincingness of the exercise will depend upon the qualifications of the model utilized.