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in a convincing manner

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The seawave that destroyed parts of Valdez, Alaska, during the Good Friday Earthquake was very convincingly shown to be caused by a failure of glacial clays and similar sediments.
Flynn convincingly argues several pivotal points, among them the adolescent Donne's flight from the heightened persecution of English Catholics through European exile in the years between 1585-1587, and the authenticity of his Latin Epigrams (discussed in the Appendix), which reflect the young Donne's actual witnessing of the Catholic siege of Antwerp.
Hart displays his knowledge effectively, and martials his arguments convincingly.
which seems to have deeply excited his imagination, restoring the insight that originally sparked his art: the awareness of the anxiety inherent to the dialectic of abstraction and representation that comes from the ultimate impossibility of integrating them convincingly, combined with the sense that independently each is less expressive than when it confronts and wrestles with the other.
One of the left's great failings in the eighties has been an inability to explain convincingly why Ronald Reagan is so popular--at this point, the most popular second-term president in the history of polling.
The data also convincingly reiterates the wide applicability of our technology.
His voice convincingly allows the protagonists' frustrations and fears to come through as they become entangled in a mystery that holds grave dangers for them both.
Like former Nickelodeon and current WB star Amanda Bynes, Raven convincingly posits herself as a Lucille Ball for the tween audience (van der Pol ably emerges as her Vivian Vance).
What the isotopes tell us fairly convincingly is that the Hawaiian plume contains recycled crustal material.
Rutten shows convincingly that Burton's important interpretive reading and his view of Democritus as a laughing melancholic, developed from Renaissance humanists like Ficino and Melanchthon, had no antecedents in antiquity, the Middle Ages, or even the early Renaissance.
The visual shifts, planar slippages, diagrammatic displacements, and slippery coloristic collisions that make up the faultlike surfaces of her paintings mark the point when one's capacity for rationality runs up against its limits: when what can be conceived cannot be adequately or convincingly represented.
Hiro also argues convincingly that Iraq's invasion, meant to destroy Khomeini's regime, may in fact have saved it.
According to the inspector's report, Clifton MHC's nominees received in excess of 95% of the votes cast, convincingly defeating candidates nominated by Lawrence B.
Guest convincingly captures the youthfulness, innocence, and expression of 15-year-old Daisy.
Reilly and Phillip Seymour Hoffman convincingly swapping roles in alternate performances of Sam Shepard's ``True West.