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in a convincing manner

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REPORT; PLUS ALL THE EUROPA LEAGUE ACTION PAGES 46,47 more convincingly big-name new Cole, against Sunday of onWednesday, a second-half Debutant Christian
Katie won her first match convincingly, then faced a tougher opponent in the second match.
He corrects the misconception that the Bible vilifies homosexuality and he argues convincingly that such vilification would be out of keeping with fundamental doctrinal views of the Bible [Chapters 11 and 12].
There's lots of fascinating inside information here about the wacky world of WWE wrestling--a combination of gymnastics, drama, and showmanship--from how to fall convincingly to how to develop your ring character.
Royal, the top-ranked team in the Nike Team Nationals California Region, finished with 88 points to win convincingly over No.
The idea of ancient astronauts is perhaps not new; but the evidence is startling and convincingly presented.
Leeman can convincingly cite Twombly's rejection of that interpretive cliche inasmuch as the artist has indeed become increasingly tired of the misreading of his drawings as graffiti (ever since his first exhibition in Rome was compared by one critic to the defaced walls of Roman public toilets).
The fact [Bush] won so convincingly shows West Virginia is a state that not only will Democrats have to work for, but possibly concede.
Candis, owner of Bar-B-Q-King in Tampa, Florida, demonstrates in her debut novel that a story about danger, suspense and romance can be convincingly told without vulgar language, graphic violence and steamy sex scenes.
The mental illness of the protagonist is played very convincingly although the exact details of his torture are taken from unreliable sources.
Robbins convincingly shows that, then as now, people often endowed animals with human thoughts and emotions and used them as metaphors when thinking and writing about their own society.
We have been getting "this information out" as forcefully and as convincingly as we possibly can, and we will continue to do so.
Little in recent times has resonated more convincingly with the painful and humiliating circumstances which prevailed in the regimes of [Hendrik] Verwoerd, [John] Vorster and P.
Few specific genes have been convincingly linked to human obesity.