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  • verb

Synonyms for convince

Synonyms for convince

to cause (another) to believe or feel sure about something

to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

Synonyms for convince

make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something

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Organisations wishing to use the Seat Belt Convincer for demonstrations may email ahmed.
What: Competitive races in legends cars; safety fair with hands-on activities for all drivers; demonstrations by law enforcement officials; car club appearances; seat belt convincer machine, rollover simulator; and blind-spot No Zone tractor trailer.
Maersk Convincer is one of two Baker Marine 114-metre jack-up rigs in Maersk Drilling s fleet.
Local breeders Tegwyn and Mary Davies of Henllan Farms took several of the best animals for their Caeremlyn herd - 4,000gns for young cow Coxhill Progress Maplerose, 3,600gns for Coxhill Convincer Ruby ET and 3,400gns for Coxhill Stormy Dawn.
Now Lowe will show just how eclectic his taste has become when he performs highlights from this album, The Convincer, at Warwick Arts Centre.
Built to highest-threat security specifications, The Convincer from B.
They will have the opportunity to sit in a machine, called a seatbelt convincer, and experience a simulated sudden 10-mile-an-hour stop in a vehicle and its impact, demonstrating the importance of wearing safety belts in the event of an incident.
Using its contractual right, Malaysia's state-owned oil company, Petronas' exploration and production arm, Petronas Carigali, has extended the deal for the jack-up Maersk Convincer by one year.
TOP PRICE: Benlaw Convincer Lassie 3 VG87 from the Benlaw herd, which sold for 3,300gns.
The event will include courses on distracted and impaired driving, seat belt convincer and simulators.
Sired by Talent and out of the VG89 Overside Convincer Delight, this 12 month old heifer calf harbours enormous potential.
Topping the day was Hadston Bubba Primrose GP82 at 950gns, a daughter of Wa-Del Convincer.
Also Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land is pleased to join the Michigan Sheriffs' Association to feature "The Convincer," a crash simulator that allows family members to feel how seatbelts save lives firsthand.
World famous cow families led the way in the top honours with Marsbar Convincer Raven VG-87 from the renowned Markwell Raven family selling for 11,000 guineas to Colin Dent for the nearby Bridge End herd.